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A Hi-Res texture replacer for the nirnroot, original detailed textures with better normal maps and improved glow. I may release more hi-res texture mods at a later date :)

Permissions and credits
Ironman5000 Hi-Resolution Texture Replacer - Nirnroot


Replaces the nirnroot textures with my own custom textures including diffuse, normal, and glow each carefully worked on to greatly improve the look. See the comparison screenshot to see how much better it looks.
The textures have been replaced from 256x128 size to 1024x512 so that all the fine details can be made out in-game.
You will notice that nirnroot will now glow a bit more too and will look cool in the dark, making them easier to find.


Just place the textures folder in the data folder.
To be certain it works properly make sure you update Archive Invallidation. I use OBMM for this - open it up, click 'utilities' and choose archive invallidation, make sure 'BSA redirection is flagged then click update in the new window, Done!