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Added: 10/03/2013 - 06:43AM
Updated: 04/04/2013 - 09:39AM

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Last updated at 9:39, 4 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 6:43, 10 Mar 2013

I can't speak English well.
So I used google translate.

This MOD adds the summon balls.
If you drop the ball, it changes to the special skeleton after few seconds.

  • Drop a summon ball -> Wait for few seconds -> Elemental skeleton appeares
  • To summon them, you need 100 level of conjuration.
  • You can't summon in Oblivion world.
  • Summoned skeletons are not allies of you(they don't follow you and not fight for you).
  • Summoned skeletons never die(you can change by SummonBall.ini).
  • You can use these balls for safe murder.
  • You can change their some stats with editing SummonBall.ini(v1.0.1b).
  • They belong to own faction(not Undead Faction)(v1.0.1b).
  • You can return them to Summon Ball with Dispel(v1.0.1b).

Fort Cupter battlemains

This MOD adds a room where are placed one chest box and some creatures.
The chest box containes the summon balls.

The summon balls(in the chest) will be increased by 1 every day(in game time).

*Change settings
You can change settings with editing 'SummonBall.ini'.


  1. UNZIP archive
  2. COPY(esp,ini) to data folder
  3. CHECK this MOD

  1. DELETE esp and SummonBall.ini

*Change Log
v1.0.2b bug fixed, old version had been made to bloat to obse savedata
v1.0.1b adjusted skeleton's faction, disposition, stats. their stats are editable by SummonBall.ini. you can return them to summon ball with dispel.

*For old version users
I'm sorry, old version had been made to bloat to obse savedata.
fixed at version 1.0.2 beta

How to remove bloated data of this MOD from obse savedata.
  1. INSTALL new version(overwrite ESP)
  3. LOAD game
  4. SAVE game
  5. EXIT game
  6. ACTIVATE this MOD

*About safe murder
You can use the summon balls for safe murder.
Even if they(you summoned) kill NPCs, you are not guilty.
Because you are not owner of them.

*About Necromancer's Diary
You can find out Necromancer's Diary near added room's door.
The diary is written in Japanese.
Japanese text is here.

The necromancer who made summon ball wrote about the history of the ball that has been created.