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1-19-13 : New version 1.1 to fix some bone weight issues as well as a few clipping issues. Simply over-write the old files with the new.

I've always thought the original game boots were interesting but they always looked so ... clunky?.... that I've never actually played a game with them. I've always replaced the in game female shoes and boots with highheels from one mod or another (most often Growlfs modified to fit my highheel foot). Doing that however led to a very limited look to the shoes/boots the females in game were wearing soooooooo..... I took the original shoe and boot meshes and modified them into highheel versions to conform to my modified highheel foot. All of the original shoes and boots that had female versions were done this way and (with one exception) I did NOT add any shoes or boots that didn't have female versions in the original game. The one exception is the white wizard shoes. I did create a female version of this and added it to the game as I seem to usually play a sword-mage type in game.

Now these shoes/boots were created using my highheel foot which I made to work with the HGEC body (medium lower). The boots for the most part won't care what body you use however non HGEC users may find the visible portion of the feet may not align properly to their lower body so that there are visible seams and HGEC body users not using the medium bottom may have the same problem. You have been warned! The visible portions of the feet have their own textures so there should be no problem with whatever body mod you use as far as textures go.

This mod also covers the loose shoes in shivering isles.

You MUST have installed and have working VIPCXJ's real highheel system for this mod to work.

For getting me interested in mesh modding: Growlf, AlienSlof, Colourwheels and too many more to name.
For my interest in highheels: VIPCXJ, Growlf and all the real life females I see wearing them!
For creating a game that will live far longer than their wildest expectations: Bethesda

This mod is a Nexus exclusive mod and therefore is NOT to be uploaded to any other site withour my express permission and with full credits.