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Ever felt sorry for leaving a friendly npc corpse on the ground? Now you can bury dead NPC/creature and make a grave(or simply bury and not make one.) Features: Buy a grave in Undercroft / Use Npc\'s weapon as Grave Marker / Buy a grave with a decent tombstone at chapels. / Pray at grave / Choose headstone/ Cre

Permissions and credits
[Latest Update]

3.05 - IMPORTANT FIX. FIXED If statement that was causing grave activation to stop working. FIXED grave getting damaged by evil actor feature wasn't working at all. Now you can change how much time it takes to make a single handmade grave.(On last update, I set 3 seconds which was for debug purpose and forgot to change it back which was making grave making obviously too short. Now its back to 8 seconds. )


Bury Corpse by sarsmon

Ever searched for a mod that let you create graves for dead NPC?
Ever wanted a decent tomb for your PC's fellow mates?
Want to send your PC's friend in a more appropriate manner?
Then here is a mod that may provide what you need!

- Now the mod archive includes FAQ.txt. If you have any question or want to know how everything work in Q&A form, see FAQ.txt.



= New Feature from Version 3.05 =
You can change how much time it takes to make a single handmade grave by typing
"Set BuryCorpse.btime to X" in console without quotes. X is where you put your desired time in seconds. Default is 8.

= New Feature from Version 3.00 =
- You can now cremate in Bruma. You can see priest do a simple ritual for that.
- In midnight, there's chance of meeting Necromancers trying to dig up dead body at nameless graves if you made any.

= New Feature from Version 2.50 =
- You can now choose MEO's headstone when buying grave at chapel.
- If you already ordered a grave in chapel in previsou version and wish to update the grave to new headstone tomb, go to the area where the grave is and type "StartQuest BuryCorpseUpdateHS" in console.(Without quotes)

= New Feature from Version 2.00 =
- Now you can own a grave in Skingrad undercroft.
- When you buy a grave in undercroft, NPC will be placed on catafalque until the tomb is ready. You now have time to say good bye.
- All chapels (except for IC) in cities have morturay. Search for the button on the wall just by the door to undercroft in chapels to enter the place.
- Now when you buy a regular grave in chapel, NPC will be entombed in wooden coffin and placed in mortuary until the tomb is ready(If body still exists).

= New Feature from Version 1.20 =
- Now you can use Weapon to make a grave marker(Except for daggers: too small to be a grave marker) - How it works : When burying dead, if the corpse has anykind of weapon you'll be asked if you want to use a weapon instead of regular log. When making grave without any corpse around, the mod will look into your PC inventory for any weapon. Important : This feature will add permanent data starting from 4KB since it use "object clone" function. The data size will vary by what weapon you used. )

= Basic Feature =
-Create grave.
-Bury dead creatures/NPC.
-Little animation when making grave. (I used Oblivion.esm source so grave making is done by hoe instead of shovel. Yeah, I know...)
-Can pray at grave.
-You can choose pray animation from 4 different types to match your PC style.
-You also have the choice to make grave name to be "The Grave of (NPC's name)" instead of simple "Grave Marker" (although this will require some permanent save data space about 4KB each).
-You can also buy a decent grave at chapels by talking to priests there though price is not cheap...
-Checked by TES4Edit(No deleted obj or dirty edit)


[How everything work]

To cremate, go to Bruma chapel, talk to a priest and choose topic "Buy a grave"
To buy a grave in undercroft of Skingrad, wait a day after you install this mod or go to Skingrad city. There will be a message that will tell you that the feature is ready. Visit chapel for some information and you'll know what you need to do to own one.
If you want Mara's statue instead of Julianos in Skingrad's undercroft, type "StartQuest BCChangeStatue" in console.(Without quotes). Statue will be changed shortly. :)
To take weapon you made a grave with, activate the grave with RightMouseButton(Key1). Weapon will be renamed "Memento of (NPC name)" once its set as a grave marker.
You will get an item called Burial Hoe when you start your game.
Equip it beside dead NPC and your PC will start making a grave for the nearest dead NPC.
(Grave will be made right in front of you. I recommend saving game before making one so you can redo the placement.)
The corpse will be disabled from the world so take anything you need from the inventory beforehand.

If there's no dead NPC arouond you, you have the choice to create grave marker anyway.
Or You can bury corpse without a grave marker too. To do this, equip hoe with Left Ctrl key(Key2) beside a corpse.

You can pray at the grave you made by activating it.

To change pray animation type setting, equip(click) Burial Hoe with RightMouseButton down(Key1).
To change Grave name setting, click equip(click) Burial Hoe with RightMouseButton down + Left Ctrl.

VERY rarely you might find graves (nameless ones) you made slaned in some way or knocked down... maybe evil NPC did it on purpose or creatures move it. (I've scripted that way but it might not work... :0 ) To fix it, activate the grave with Left Ctrl.

If you decided to remove a grave from the world, activate the grave with RightMouseButton down.

To set a tombstone, simply equip it.

To REDO a placement of tombstone you bought outside chapel, activate the tombstone with Key1(Default:right mouse button)



Small Quest which will give you the option to buy a decent tombstone that you can place anywhere in the world when finished. (Very heavy to carry it around though...) To start quest, visit Bravil Chapel.
There is someone who still need your help.

-Before you start the quest, you need to have one of Bravil local quest finished.
-If you have Knight of the Nine started, you need to finish it first.
-If the key NPC(There's only one) is dead, unfortunately the quest will never start.

See Quest help at the bottom of readme for any hint.



If you want to uninstall this mod, please type

StartQuest BuryCorpseDelete

(and Enter) in Console. This will remove all the grave references you made(If any).

If you don't do this, the grave markers will remain in the world even after you uninstall Bury Corpse.

(Doing this will still leave permanent data in save data if you have chosen to make any.)

If something seems to not work, please comment. It might be a bug although I have tried not to include any.



- Tes4:CS/Edit -
I could never make this without these!

- Bethesda -
For the epic game. I love this game!

- People who worked on TESCSWiki -
I couldn't make this without the documents.

- OBSE teams -
I couldn't make this without OBSE!

- Meo -
I used his/her resource "Meos Celtic Tombstones" for the new beautiful headstones. Thank you!

- Trollf -
I used GreetingMonk.kf in his famous mod, "ACTORS IN CHARGE" to make one loop ver. (Trollf kindly provides the mod as freeware) I like this animation the best of all Pray Grave animation choice I put in this mod. Thank you.

- Beancounter -
I learned how to force non-static object in place for making weapon as grave from his/her famous mod, "Decorator Assistant". Thank you :)

- RazaCovek -
I didn't make 1.20 -> 2.00 update if not for his comments. Thank you!

- SoulScorpion -
VS Necromancer feature was his idea and he has given me many other ideas to make this mod better. Without him, I never started on 3.0 update. Thank you so much for all your support!!

- Masa -
For help with Math ;D

All other things are done by me.
Please do not redistribute this without giving me any credit.



-OBSE 20 or later


[Manual Un/Installation]

To install, simply place all folders and BuryCorpse.esp to Oblivion\Data folder.
To uninstall, remove BuryCorpse.esp and

Meshes\Creatures\zombie\ 9 body parts that start with "bc_"
Meshes\MEO\architecture\cemetry\Tombstone 04 05 06 a.nif

Sound\voice\BuryCorpse.esp Folder

Textures\menus\icons\ds\storage sacks\iconsack.dds
Textures\creatures\zombie\ 6 dds file that start with "Char_"
Textures\MEO\architecture\cemetry\Tombstone 04 05 06 .dds
Textures\MEO\architecture\cemetry\Tombstone 04 05 06 _n.dds



None that I know of at this point.


[Quest Hint]

If all people hates you in Bravil the quest might get stuck. (Not permanently though.)
If you are into DarkBortherHood roleplaying and done inhumane thing in one of Bravil local quest, the quest might never start. In this case, to get a tombstone which you can place outside a chapel graveyard, in console type "BuryCorpseIgnoreQuest"(Without quotes). You will get a ring called "Gold Lion Ring" that will let you order a tombstone.
Key NPC is ehsoL .U (Read backward)
There must be at least 2 priest in Bravil chapel for the quest to go on for certain.


[Update Log]

3.00 - FIXED prayer animation not running on grave activate which was likely caused by 2.5 update. Added Crematory and Ossaury to Bruma. Now you have chance to encounter Necromancers in midnight at nameless grave if you made any.
2.50 - Now you can choose beautiful headstnes made by MEO when buying a grave! Now inclueds FAQ.txt. Also few bugs in ordering tombstone outside chapel and the problem the feature to skip quest wasn't working are now fixed. 1/16/2013
2.10 - Important Fix on 2 Critical Bug!! - Bug 1 : Moving into space that has log grave may causes CTD on ALL version previous to this update! Bug 2: Grave with names might be ruined if NPC name include any "the" on version 1.20!! I'm sorry for the troubles but please download and use 2.00!! X'| - 1/14/2013
2.08 - Fixed one fairly important text - 1/13/2013
2.05 - Fixed NPC Coffin not appearing in mortuary in Leyawiin. - 1/13/2013
2.00 - Now you can buy a grave in undercroft! You can also see NPC actually placed on catafalque. Now all chapels have mortuary! - 1/13/2013
1.20 - ImportantBugFix: Version all previous to this will not delete reference proplery by StartQuest BuryCorpseDelete you need to do to uninstall the mod.
NEW FEATURE: Now you can use weapon to create grave maker! (Swords and staff will look better, Blunt weapon... it will hide the head part so you might find it hard to find once you move away from the grave...)
1.04 - BugFix: On 1.03 fix, I used GetCurentPackage instead of GetISCurrentPackage.
1.03 - Modified script so it will removes AI added by this mod only and not the normal AI for certain.
1.02 - Fixed tombstone not showing on one of the bad ending, a couple text./Modified script to remove AI added for tomb activation so it will return to normal AI for sure./Added Icon to MiniQuest.
1.01 - Fixed 2 price on tombstone, a noun/Added description and author.
1.00 - First Upload.