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Fire resistance now works on lava! Hot damn!

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Lava Does Fire Damage (LDFD)
Requires OBSE 20+
Requires Oblivion with latest patch.
Bethsoft Forum (best for support questions)

What it does:
A character's resistance and/or weakness to fire now affects how much damage is taken when swimming through or walking on lava. The total resistance is calculated, so if you have a Weakness to Fire of -50% and a Fire Resistance ring of 75%, then your cumulative resistance is 25%. Which means you will take 25% less damage than normal when walking on or swimming through lava. If your cumulative resistance is 100% or over, you will take no damage from lava.

This effect applies to all creatures and NPCs, as well as the player. This also means that if you are a powerful enchanter, you could create a spell that offers 100% fire resistance and water walking with a "target" and rescue companions from drowning in lava. It also means that creatures that have a natural 100% resistance to fire will not be affected by lava either.

Technically, the system looks at "Lava" as "water that causes damage", so if some creates a mod that has damaging water (like some sort of acid thing), the fire resistance will work on that as well. I can't get my script to tell the difference between the types of "water" (i.e. regular water vs lava), only that the damage is coming from the water.

This mod only uses scripts, capturing the "On Health Damage" event, and then checking to see if the actor is in "damaging water". So it should be compatible with everything, including mods that alter lava textures and how much base damage the lava causes.

I made this mod quick and dirty, so it doesn't check to see if the latest OBSE has been installed or not. So make sure it's installed or nothing will happen.

Q: Can it tell the difference between damage caused by the lava and damage caused by other creatures?
A: Yes. If damage is caused directly by a creature, the script ignores it. It only looks for damage caused by an unknown reference (i.e. the lava) while the target of the damage is standing on or swimming in "damaging water" (i.e. the lava).
Q: Is this compatible with Supreme Magicka's Levitation effect?
A: Yes. SM uses the "RSWD" magic effect code to create the levitation effect. This mod uses the ResistWaterDamage actor value. LDFD does not generate the levitation effect, however, if someone is using SM's levitation, they might be immune to damage from lava, although that has nothing to do with this mod. I haven't tested out what levitation does, only that LDFD doesn't accidentally cause you to levitate.

- Removed Oblvion.esm as a required master
- 100%+ Fire Resistance no longer has "ow" and shaking visual effect when the player is swimming in or standing on lava.
- Fixed bug that was creating nested calls (was using ModAVMod and switched to ModAV2)

- Initial Release