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Buy your own farm animals - pigs, cows, calf, chickens with portable chicken den - and enjoy your own COBL milk and eggs.
COBL.esm is required.

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Useful Farm animals for COBL
ver 2.0 - Now also with pigs!

by Emma and Lycanthrops
Featuring Mr_Siika's Farm animal models.

Requires: COBL http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/21104


Tired of spending all your time in Cyrodiil running around killing monsters? Fed up with mead and inn-food? Why not buy yourself some COBL-based farm animals and produce your own food?

Malene at Roxey Inn will have pigs, cows and a calf as well as a portable chicken den for sale. You can bring both the animals and the chicken den with you to your favorite abode.

Cows: The cows, Gloria and Helga, will give you fresh COBL-milk every day, provided that you have bought a sufficient amount of empty bottles from Malene at the Roxey Inn. You can make the cows follow you to new locations, and you can also reward them with an apple or a carrot.

Pigs: (new in ver 2). The pigs Hamlet and Curlet will follow you to new locations and you can reward them with apples, carrots, corn and potatoes. Curlet will also have a nice "surprise" for you after a few days. Useful? Well, you can kill the pigs, of course, and get ham from them. But they are mostly there for the roleplayers out there who enjoy to have animals to take care of.

Calf: The little calf Valiant will follow his mother Helga anywhere, so he won't get lost. He isn't of much use, but you can charm him by giving him apples or carrots.

Chicken Den: The Chicken Den will show up as a Chicken Den kit in your inventory, misc section, alongside with a written instruction on how to unpack and repack it.
Just drop the kit on the ground where you want to place the chicken den, but make sure it’s on relatively flat ground.
The kit will look like some planks of wood, and you can pick it up and move it around with the z-key as much as you wish. When you think you have found the right place for it, move one or two steps backwards, then go into *sneak mode* and activate the kit. Voila! It will now turn into a chicken den. There are some hens inside it, and some hens with chickens will show up outside it, wandering around.
The chicken den itself is a container. Activate it (NOT in sneak mode this time!) and you will see if there are any eggs in it. New eggs should appear every new day, sometimes only a few, other times more.
If you later on want to move the chicken den elsewhere, you can simply go into sneak mode and activate it. It will then turn into the kit again and added to your inventory, and the wandering hens and chickens will vanish. You can rebuild it as often as you wish, but if you harm any of the wandering hens and chickens they won’t appear again.

Sheep: As wool doesn’t exist in COBL, no sheep are included in this mod. However, sheep have been much requested and my plan is therefore to include them as optional features in those of my housemods that have clothing crafting facilities. Malene at Roxey inn will currently sell you sheep if you have the latest version of one of my following housemods installed
Longbridge Cottage
Red Rose Manor
Lakeside Home

You can of course drag the sheep with you anywhere you want, but the wool will only be useful for spinning in the "right" abode.