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A spell to disable Dark Welkynd Stones

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V002. Changes the script slightly to replace the stones. The most important update is that the replacement stones should now attack the PC's enemies. This is still an alpha and as such there are probably changes needed. Any feedback will be really appreciated

This gives you a spell. When cast it removes all (upto) Dark Welkynd Stones (DWS) from the current cell and replaces them. It doesn't mod the existing DWS in anyway.
Currently the replacements are just inactive DWS, in later versions they will attack your enemies.
Also in later versions it may work on DWS added by other mods using different versions, but with the same model.

I think you need to be an apprentice in alteration to use it at a cost of 70 (I think)

Warning. Though this may not be an issue (I'm trying to find out exactly how scripted spells work) I would recommend waiting until the spell has completely finished before casting again - it may cause the original DWS not to return otherwise, this also goes if you change cells.

This is a testing version, as such the spell is easy to get and cheap.
At the top of the steps leading to the Arch Mage's Tower, to your left, is a Strange Crystal Ball. Pick it up to get the spell. You don't need to keep it to keep the spell. It will however re-add the spell (should you delete it) if re-added to your inventory

Requirements - OBSE

DrakeTheDragon - Help with Scripts