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Craftybits v0.8 Beta

Originally Uploaded: March 4, 2012
Last Update: October 09, 2017 to 0.812.1
Last Page Update: October 09, 2017, release of CB0.812.1.


Welcome to Oblivion, Craftybits style.

Craftybits is a hands-on crafting mod. Basically, instead of making everything through a series of menus, CraftyBits lets you physically place the items in front of you, and turn them into something else before your eyes.

Even though CB is still a beta, it's perfectly playable. Almost every single vanilla weapon and armor is craftable, and there are many new ones. In terms of content, CB v0.8 is much the same as CB v0.7 but there have been major improvements in handling and reliability. If you previously tried CB v0.7 but eventually gave up in frustration because too many things just did not work quite right, the time has come to try Craftybits again. While this may not sound like a reason we needed almost 2 years to complete the new version, almost every script has been updated or rewritten to improve reliability and Craftybits is a very large mod.

CB includes a reference guide explaining everything you need to know to get things done. It must be downloaded separately due to its size and format.

Please be sure to read the manual, since not everything is intuitive, though we've done our best. Since it is 78 pages, you may find it easiest to download the reference guide onto a second computer or mobile device so you can access it while your main computer is running Oblivion. Much of it consists of tables laying out the components needed to create the various items you can create with CB.

See the new CB Quick Start Tutorial to get a quick feeling for how CB works and how to handle it. See link below.

New in 0.812.1:
Assorted bug fixes, some of which appear to have been severe but remained unreported for some time. If you downloaded a 0.810 version and struggled with it, try this one, it should be much better. Please report any bugs you run across. 


  • The latest patch for Oblivion (v1.2.0416)
  • OBSE 20 or later (essential, CB won't work without it)
  • get it here: http://obse.silverlock.org


  • Craftybits Core
  • contains CLS-Craftybits.esm, CLS-Craftybits.esp, CLS-Craftybits.bsa and all the other resources you need required for all users Use the Omod version if you can use OBMM, otherwise a version is provided for manual install. Use only one.
  • Craftybits Glues
  • contains CB-Cobl_Glue, CB-VVA_Glue, CB-Cobl-FFRT_Glue, CB-FF Real Thirst Guild Hall, CB-OOOBucks_Glue only use what you need to link CB to the corresponding mod(s) activation of glues which lack the corresponding master usually leads to an instant crash so it is vital you only activate what you need
  • Craftybits Reference Guide
  • A 78-page guide explaining how to do everything in CB. This is an essential component. We have done our best to make procedures logical, realistic and intuitive, but many are too complex to be guessed. In most cases your only chance to do something right is to look up the procedure in the guide. If possible, download onto a second device for use while you are playing. Alternatively print out selected pages for reference during play. Also includes critical troubleshooting information.
  • Craftybits Add-ons
  • will be released separately in the coming weeks, check TESNexus to see what is available
  • Atrix_Tussand's Imperial City Guild: Adds a guild hall complex on the IC Waterfront, where the small cemetery is normally found. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45051
  • CLShade's Crafting Guild Alt Start can be found here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41786
  • Munch Universe's Imperial Dungeon Addons can be found here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41775
  • Munch Universe's Craftybits Weights Addons can be found here:
  • http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41825Updated Hard version to suit CB 0.806.0 with and without CB-Barrels Jan 9, 2013
  • Magnavus' Houses-CB can be found here:
  • http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41895
  • CLS-Craftybits Quick Start Tutorial - Flatbreads can be found here:
  • http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42352This is intended for player's new to Craftybits. It explains how to cook a flatbread (pizza) in a step-by-step manner using screenshots to illustrate the process. Making flatbreads is of moderate complexity, so once you get the hang of this, you are well on your way to using CB for other tasks.Due to recent changes in how cooking works, this video is no longer accurate. The good news is that cooking is simpler and more reliable, so if the video appeals, the current version will for sure.


To install, extract the contents of the mod to your Data folder, selecting the add-ons and glue mods of your choice (Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion).

Things that come with the mod:
  • Meshes, textures and sounds.
  • CLS-Craftybits.esm (required)
  • CLS-Craftybits.esp (required)
  • CB-Weights_Hard (optional)

To uninstall, just delete any of the files you added above.

Use with Other Mods

CB is designed to cooperate with a few of the more prominent mods. For optimal integration, use the following "glue" mods, which glue CB to one of the other mods.
  • CB-Cobl.esp (glue mod that adds Craftybits foods to the COBL dinnerplate)
  • CB-VVA Glue.esp (glue mod for Vim and Vigor Advanced that gives players more methods of gathering water. Please see the specific readme for that mod for details.)
  • CB-FF Real Thirst Glue (glue mod for use with the Cobl version of FFRT)
  • CB-FF Real Thirst Guild Hall (adds two potable wells to the CB Guild Hall)
  • CB-OOO_BuckGlue.esp (needed to allow CB to overwrite OOO to allow bucks to have billets)

Expanding Smithing for Use with Other Mods

CB contains a completely new, expandable smithing system. Currently you can make any weapons or armor in the basic "vanilla" version of Oblivion. The system has been designed by CLShade to be expandable to include any weapons or armor from any mod with a little customization. It is perhaps too complicated for beginning users but should be usable for even inexperienced modders. You must be able to edit a few scripts but the scheme is clearly laid out and only requires changing the constants in a template script, thus scripting skills are not really necessary. Please see Bug Reports and Help below and contact us at the Wormhole. We will be happy to cooperate with anyone interested in creating the necessary glue mod between CB and any other mod.

Load Order

Use BOSS. If you cannot or choose not to, here is a rough idea of correct positioning:
  • CB-Cobl Glue.esp
  • CB-VVA Glue.esp
  • CB-Cobl-VVA Glue.esp
  • (COBL or VVA Craftybits glue mods)....your other mods....
  • Craftybits.esp
  • ....your other mods & Bash patch....
  • CB-OOO_BuckGlue.esp (probably needs to be after the Bash patch to overwrite it for this one item)
  • CB-Weights_Hard.esp (optional but recommended to ensure proper names, leveled lists and weights)
  • ...your other mods that have to be loaded last or else....

So basically, it's advised to put your COBL and VVA related glue mods as early as possible, but the Craftybits.esp as late as possible.

Bug Reports and Help

While we have made a major effort to improve the reliability of CB, the mod is so large not all aspects could be tested sufficiently. In addition it is impossible to predict which other mods may cause conflicts, though the number of known conflicts is small. Deadly Reflex 5 and mods which add a large number of quick keys are incompatible with CB. CB needs at least one key for itself, ideally two.

Development of CB is takes place at the following website:

This is the best place to post bug reports and ask for help. 

Conditions of Use

We ask that novel parts of Craftybits are not used in other mods without permission. Use of CB as a whole as a building block for further changes, along the lines of Cobl, are welcome, since they will necessarily mention and credit CB.

Please contact us at the Wormhole if you have an idea and would like to request permission to use parts of CB. Feel free to contact us with add-on ideas.