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relocatable ship/player home!

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"Threnody" ship is titled after my main character and structured after marie elena's framework. my overall inspiration has been 'dwemer skyship', 'abandoned mountain shack', and "serenity" from TVshow/movie 'firefly'! i've actually been crafting this .esp for quite some time now, i suppose one of my pictures from last year subtly debuted the captain's cabin... however, unlike dwemer skyship, threnody is companion friendly! which IS the core reason i began this project! since i couldn't hoard my crew on an airship like in snes final fantasy III, threnody would be the alternative!

fix the shipwreck & christen the ship... sail to a destination! you can christen the ship using brandy or skooma.

captains quarters: fit for any adventurer! + ship navigation!*

mid deck: galley + storage + 3 rooms for companions & their belongings

lower deck: extra storage/treasure hold + display room

(no containers re-spawn)

*where ever you navigate threnody, that's where she'll be! you can always check your map for her corresponding marker...

ICWaterfront near ShackForSale*

1 anvil docks
2 niben bay
3 waterfront*
4 topal bay


AB_threnody = oblivion.esm 1.2.0416
k1_threnody = oblivion.esm + better cities resources.esm

copy *.esp to your oblivion/data/ folder, activate *.esp in oblivionlauncher.exe

shouldn't be any; message m detailed information if you notice anything.

you'll notice a few minor details have been polished by implimenting some of the better cities resources. and since all the cities have a docking system, a pull rope was added to initiate the open water experience. christening the ship now affects both interior and exterior aesthetics, so the ship doesn't look so plain in comparison to all the other ships. you can also control the ship aesthetics using the 'ship in a bottle' feature.