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Last updated at 17:45, 19 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 19:12, 15 Jan 2012

Original mod by Mishaxhi
Patched by jaime74
Released with permission from Mishaxhi

The Northern Front by Mishaxhi is an extraordinary quest mod with an exciting, multi-pathed story and excellent characters, dialogues and voices.
Its original tesnexus page can be found at http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33127.
Due to a couple of unresolved issues, some players get stuck at different stages in the middle of the quest. Mishaxhi, the author, has been too occupied in real life to be able to deal with these issues himself, so I finally proposed to create this fix, and he has thankfully given me permission to release it.

I hope that it will resolve the most ciritcal problems. I've done my best to analyze and fix all I could, but naturally, there can be NO GUARANTEE that it covers every possible bug, nor that it will work in your specific game setup! Consider creating backups of your saved game before using the patch (as should go without saying for any freshly installed mod)!

When to use this patch?
I'd generally recommend to install this patch, not only when you've already enountered a bug. Even if you haven't started to play TNF yet, and also if you have already started it, but haven't encountered any issues so far. It just replaces the original esp file. The earlier in the game you start using the patch, the higher the chance that it will be able to avoid possible issues.

If you have already started to play and are thinking that you've got stuck due to an issue, check the "List of bugfixes" below to determine whether my patch covers your problem.

What does it do?
The fix is based on Mishaxhi's latest version 1.0.2 of Northern Front. It replaces the original esp.
In addition, there's a compatibility esp, which resolves a compatibility issue with "Roads of Cyrodiil" by Arthmoor (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20218).

Note that the original TNF mod exists in 3 alternative versions: Default ESP, Reduced NPCs ESP, and Optimized ESP. This patch, however, was built upon the DEFAULT version only! All NPCs, lights etc. are enabled, and any performance optimizations in the reduced or optimized version will not be active! If you have been playing the reduced or optimized version, using this patch will switch to the default esp automatically, including a possible loss of performance whenever you're at the Northern Front mercenary camp. Applying the fixes to the reduced and optimized esps wouldn't only have been too tedious work, but it would also have likely caused more bugs. So I decided to focus on the default esp only.

List of bugfixes (ordered according to Mishaxhi's walkthrough)
  • Quest 1: Blood Money - Sentalus has no initial dialogue topic
  • Quest 2: Godspeed Under Grey Skies - Grey Courser and Redmane Bandits are missing at the expected location
  • Quest 3: The Shadow Commander (Path 3 - Strike down) - Elite guards won't attack the rebels in their camp
  • Quest 4: The Hunt Is On - The Hunters and Brother Harker missing at Pell's Gate
  • Quest 4: The Hunt Is On - The Dead Soldier at the bridge is missing
  • Quest 4: The Hunt Is On (Path 2 - East) - Dead Minotaur is missing (this one is solved by using a specific spell; read the comments below under "How to run the patch")

These are only the more "visible" issues. Apart from that, I've fixed a bunch of minor technical glitches in the background (invalid dialogue or quest conditions, a few typos, pathgrid and respawn point issues etc.). It would go too far to list all of them here.

OBSE version 20 or higher.
Do NOT JUST USE OBSE 18 like in the original mod, because several scripts have been recompiled with v20! Using any version lower than 20 may cause failures!

The archive is BAIN-friendly, but it can also be installed manually. Refer to the included Readme.

How to run the patch?
IMPORTANT: This patch assumes that you're familiar with Mishaxhi's walkthrough guide! Whenever you're unsure whether you've run into a bug, check against the walkthrough first!

Generally, the patch is designed to work automatically in the background. Loading up your latest savegame with the new esp should normally do the trick.

Only in one specific case (Quest 4: The Hunt Is On (Path 2 - East) - Dead Minotaur is missing), you'll be given a specific spell ("TNF Minotaur Fix"). You need to find the "Pumpkin Pie Festival" note. Read it to receive the spell. Then cast it to make the missing Minotaur appear in the place where it should be (according to the walkthrough).

Credits go to Mishaxhi in the first place for sharing his great quest mod, and also for allowing and encouraging me to release this patch!
I'd also like to thank Balakirev for motivating me to develop the fixes.
Thanks to Dakkonthedark for bringing my attention to the outdated NRBR4 compatibility patch!
I encourage everybody to endorse Northern Front! If you like, feel free to also endorse my patch.

Copyright & Permissions
I'll be happy about contributions to to this patch: If you think that you've still found more bugs, or that there's even a bug in my patch, please tell me so that I can try to fix it. Also, I don't want to prohibit reuse of my code. Feel free to use it as long as you give me some credits. But you should be aware that most parts contained in this file have been created by Mishaxhi, the original author, himself. Decide for yourself whether you feel allowed to reuse or modify it, or ask him personally in case of doubts. And aƶways remember that any credits go to him in the first place!

Apart from all of that, however, I strictly prohibit to upload this patch to any other website, especially to any game modding community sites other than tesnexus.com!

I hope that this will be helpful for others!
Have fun!

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