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Last updated at 20:22, 9 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 19:16, 10 Mar 2012

Aug 31, 2013 - Slight update to the NMM version
I've reuploaded the NMM version of the main file. It didn't show the proper mod version inside NMM (1.2 instead of 1.2.1). Now it should be fine. No other changes than this.

What's this mod about?
This mod is a small (but hopefully exciting) quest, in which you will find a wolf as a companion, including a few more hidden benefits and surprises.
Uncover the mystery of a haunted house in order to find the wolf. You'll also have to perform certain additional actions to turn him into a companion. And finally, there will be even something more to discover...

The quest story isn't really extensive, but rather short and straightforward. Be warned, however, that there's a specific time limit for solving the main puzzle. If you aren't quick enough, you will fail at least partially. This is all the more worth mentioning as some parts of the quest require patience! At several points you'll have to wait for hours or even days to be able to proceed (which can also be done in "wait mode", of course). This is meant to be part of the thrill. If you should fail the time limit, refer to the walkthrough and the FAQ included in it.

The walkthrough guide with FAQs can be downloaded from the "Optional Files" section, or read it online here: Online Walkthrough

Please rate my mod if you believe that it deserves it!
Have fun!

You can start this quest at any level, but I especially recommend playing it with a low level character early in the game, for several reasons:
  • It doesn't require any combat (unless you intentionally seek it out)!
  • You can gain animal companions (very helpful for weak characters)!
  • You can gain a decent player home for free (usually quite rare at low levels, while you're still poor)!
  • You can benefit from a special, refreshing healing effect!

Originally, this was the first mod project I ever created, meant for private use only. It started to exist as one of those uncountable "Yet-Another-Animal-Companion-Mods" (YAACM). Then, lately, triggered by the upcoming Skyrim rush, I decided to polish and release a collection of my older projects prior to running off for the new TES V game. So I have given this one a complete revision, extending it by the quest and extra features. This means that it has turned into a bit more than a plain YAACM mod!
Note that any resemblance of the mod title to "An Unexpected Journey" - the subtitle of the upcoming film "The Hobbit" by Peter Jackson - is absolutely accidental! However, if this coincidence should give it some additional attention in any way, I won't complain! :)
And, last but not least, if you believe that there are some resemblances to G.R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones, regarding some names in this mod: Yes, they are only partially accidential! :)

The one and only main character in this mod is fully voiced, but general dialogues (like rumors etc.) aren't.
Therefore, unless you are a highly talented 3 seconds speed reader, you should have OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice installed.

Oblivion Latest Patch (1.2.0416)
OBSE 20 or higher
OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

Compatible with overhauls like OOO (Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul), MMM (Martigen's Monster Mod), BC (Better Cities) and UL (Unique Landscapes).
For BC, a compatibility version is included (as described under "Installation"). It has been developed and tested with the (currently latest) BC version 5.2.3a.

Apart from that, there are two known issues so far:
  • Running this mod together with A Family Problem by Videniofthesith (version 3.8c) breaks my quest! This is due to a bug in the other mod (see this discussion). So I recommend, until it gets fixed on the other side, not to use both mods at the same time. Until then, only the mod which loads last in the load order wins!
  • There's a conflict with LGs Vampire Bloodlines v2 by Lord_Gallant, which can cause sporadic crashes when the player dies after the wolf has turned into a companion. The reasons are hitherto unknown, but I'll try to provide a patch in the future.

  • The installation archive is BAIN- and OBMM-ready, but it can also be installed manually by copying the contents of "00 Core" and the content of ONE of both esp folders into your data directory.
  • If you are using Better Cities (specifically: BC Skingrad): When installing with a wizard in BAIN or OBMM, everything should be handled automatically. When installing manually, copy ONLY ONE of the available esps into your data directory, by picking it from the appropriate package subfolder. This applies only to Better Cities SKINGRAD (any other BC parts are compatible with the base version of my mod). If you are using BC, but NOT Better Skingrad in particular, you MUST use the vanilla version!
  • Load order: Best to use BOSS to sort your load order (this mod is already registered in the masterlist). Otherwise, ensure to load it after Better Cities and and A Family Problem (if using one of these mods)

Credits & Resources
This mod contains resources from the following excellent packages of other modders. Thanks and credits to them for sharing their work and allowing to reuse them:

Special credits to:
  • catkai for the Japanese version (based on v1.1)
  • Wallettheif for helping me to sort out the conflict with LGs Vampire Bloodlines
  • MrGrymReaper for helping me detect some Better Cities compatibility issues, and also for inspiring me to integrate the new "female player" features
  • CarlosS4444 for detecting some redundant edits, and for not giving in to my stubbornness! :)

Version history
v1.2.1 (07.10.2012)
- You only need this version if you're using Better Cities. Removes 3 redundant water height edits for Skingrad from the Better Cities Patch. Though they didn't do any harm, I removed them, to be sure. Thanks to CarlosS4444 for detecting them and not giving in to my stubbornness! :)

v1.2 (05.10.2012)
- bugfix: the Better Cities Patch now comes as a separate esp file that must load after Better Cities (otherwise it doesn't have any effect)
- optimization of the diary correspondence and the dialogues to properly handle the player character's gender (especially for female PCs)

v1.1 (18.10.2012)
- fixed three invisible dirty dialogue edits

v1.0 (10.03.2012)
- initial version

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