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Added: 30/11/2011 - 11:55PM
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Oscape is a tool which extract to, and converts landscapes in .raw/.pgm/.stm-format into NIF/BTR-files and surface-textures (color-map, normal-map and height-map). These files can be extracted from existing ESPs via the built-in extractor, though you are free to produce the heightmaps with any other software and use high-quality source-material to produce the landscape-LODs as long as they are multiple of 1024.

For Oblivion and Skyrim.
Requires Vista (and up).

Manual and references

Manual of the GUI-version:
Oscape (GUI)
Manual of the non-GUI-version (with a bit of a technical explanation):
Manual of the LLOD component of OBGE that utilizes additional LODs:


To Warrudar, for making CBash open-source, and to sit with me over the code, and of course for being such a fine fella!
To the crew from Niftools, see you in IRC pals.
To Lightwave for documenting the hell out of TES4-formats.


Doesn't require TESAnnwyn, it does the extraction by itself (via CBash).
Doesn't require TESqLOD, it does the calculation of normals by itself and distinct from the data in the plugins.
Doesn't require TES-CS, it will do the calculation of surface-color by itself.
Doesn't require TES-CK, it will do the calculation of surface-color by itself.