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What would you do if you could stop time? The Quest of Thyme is a sequel to the Thieves Guild. The Daedric Lord of time asks the Gray Fox to find seven stolen items. The quest focus around an item that effects the fabric of time itself.

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What would you do if you could stop time?
The Quest of Thyme is a sequel to the Thieves Guild. A favor to the former Gray Fox leads the player into a Daedric style quest which will have them using their wits and cunning to steal items from the counts of Cyrodiil. Each item has unique abilities, such as a bow with unlimited ammo, a cloak of invisibility that burdens the player, and even an amulet that stops time itself.


Seven unique items with scripted results. These items vary in power and all must be earned through the quest. (or you can cheat and pick them up at shetcombe farm)

An amulet that stops time.

An essential partner who can repair armor/ weopons and is a fence with a lot of barter gold.

A Lore friendly quest that revisits highlights from the thieves guild.

Something to do with your cool new Cowl of the Gray Fox.
An excuse to show up in Npc's private rooms uninvited.


The mod doesn't include silent voice files, so OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice is highly recommended and can be found here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622

Shivering Isles is a must.

OBSE is a must and can be found here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37952

As one section of the mod looks at a location filled with night sky, I'd recommend at least one of the following sky/star replacers:

Wolfen Star Sky:

Better Nightsky:

Cosmic SkyCycling:

If you get a crash when obtaining the item in White Gold Tower, please update your esp. This will fix the problem. (In one of the updates I made a boo boo, but thanks to Ryushikaze it's fixed now.

Don't update from the alpha; delete the alpha and install the beta!

To update from one beta to another just replace the esp file.

Installation/ Starting:
Right now it's just an esp that you need to extract to your oblivion\data folder.

To start just enter the city of Anvil.

NOTE: This quest is a sequel to the thieves' guild. It will not start until the thieves guild has been completed!

Other Information:

This is my first 'published' mod. I would much appreciate any testing and constructive advice. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with a new quest centered on thievery instead of killing that includes some original items.

I've been playing it with 167ish other mods (I'm down to around 130 now, lol) and I haven't had any problems that could be traced back to it at either number. However if you find any problems, please let me know!

Lastly, whenever I fiddle around with mods, I put the items or whatever into the house of Shetcombe Farm to test the items. So you should be able to find all the special items and such there.

Incompatibility / Bugs:

Sometimes people are a bit groggy after your time freezing: they talk with their eyes shut and may stand around for a while. Harmless except for the loss of that much loved suspension of disbelief. They'll feel better later, if you just give them some time (aka maybe leave the cell or something). I believe this is harmless and can't be helped.

Due to the way I scripted the quest, when you get one of the scripted items you may have two (seemingly duplicated) items in your inventory. When you equip the real item the 'replica' will disappear. This is natural. Please ignore it, because then it will ignore you too.

Part of the quest takes place in the ruins of Kvatch, so if you are doing a Kvatch rebuilt/ aftermath mod, you won't be able to play through the quest.

Some leveled lists are changed to include 'tears of time'.
This mod makes minor changes to quite a few cells: for instance a cell in each of the count's castles, like their private quarters etc. These changes usually are just the addition of a single item, and aren't drastic by any means.


DONE- Play through main quest
DONE -Check 7 items Quest
DONE -Check Tear of Time Quest
DONE - Fix tear of time script
DONE Test each Item
DONE -Fix ring spells
DONE-do the hands work?
DONE- Edit word / dialogue
DONE -Add more pictures
DONE-Add video file
DONE- Clean Mod
DONE- Update File
DONE- Update Description
Submit to a testing site
Make Readme
Missing assets?
Custom Load screens?
-Change the height levels of the enemies in the tower of time

It would be nice to be able to add (though it's beyond me as to how to implement):
-halting the havoc engine so that objects don't fall
-halting animations such as rain or fires