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The Star Orphans, also known as the "Magna Ge" or the "Children of Magnus", are lesser Aedra that reside in Aetherius. They are the spirits that followed the god of magic, Magnus, to Aetherius, the holes they tore in the fabric of Oblivion are the stars. Like the lesser Daedra, the Magna Ge are immortal spirits that instead of servi

Permissions and credits
*Author's Note: I would love to see what characters are created with this race mod, so please upload screenshots of your characters! :)
I spent many hours on this race mod, there's 108 hairstyles, 35 eye textures and textures for every available body option, vanilla and community made in 4 different resolutions. This is the last mod I will ever make for Oblivion, so I wanted to make sure I catered to as many of you as possible. I am looking forward to modding Skyrim!
Any screenshots, comments, constructive criticisms and endorsements, any feedback at all, is very much appreciated, by giving me feedback you let me know what I've done wrong and what I've done right, and this motivates me to mod more.
I hope you have fun and that I put a smile on your face. :)
Many thanks,

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Oblivion 1.2.416
Custom Race Fix & Boethiah Shrine Fix OR Unofficial Oblivion Patch. (Custom race fix not needed if using an alternative start mod.)


The Star Orphans, also known as the "Magna Ge" or the "Children of Magnus", are lesser Aedra that reside in Aetherius. They are the spirits that followed the god of magic, Magnus, to Aetherius, the holes they tore in the fabric of Oblivion are the stars. Like the lesser Daedra, the Magna Ge are immortal spirits that instead of serving the Daedric Princes, serve the Divines, who send the Magna Ge to Mundus as their agents if they believe the mortal plane to be in danger. Being the spirits of Aetherius, they have divine powers in the arcane arts, seen by their radiating glow of power and energy. When in the mortal plane, however, they are physically very weak, using their magical powers to either enhance their physical abilities, or to smite their enemies. They are as noble and graceful as the Divines themselves.


Vanilla Male, Vanilla Female, Robert's Male, Robert's Female, BAB, FF, Exnem, HGEC and TGND are all supported. The textures for these bodies and the head come in 4 resolutions:

Low Resolution (512x512)
Medium Resolution (1024x1024)
High Resolution (2048x2048)
Ultra Resolution (4096x4096)

You must download the head texture pack for this mod to work. By default the vanilla textures are used for the body. If you use a body mod please download it's texture pack. Then install your preffered resolution of the head and, if downloaded, body textures. I recommend using the same resolution for the head and body for best results.

108 hairstyles to choose from, ranging from Ren, Corean, Throttlekitty, Coolsims and Cazy. You must download the hairpack you want to use from the files here to be able to use it.

35 eyes to choose from, 8 of which are brand new made by the talented InsanitySorrow, the rest are made by Flonne. All use the Elaborate Eyes mesh and glow.

The stats of the race:


Blessing of Magnus:
Restore all attributes, health, fatigue and magicka 1 point.
Resist disease, poison, normal weapons, paralysis, magic, fire, frost and shock 25%.

Lesser Powers

Holy Ward:
Turn undead up to level 100 for 1 minute on touch.
Summon Flame Atronach for 30 seconds.

Greater Powers

Convert Starlight:
Convert starlight into welkynd stones. (Adds 5 welkynd stones to inventory.)
Stunted magicka for 1 day. (Blessing of Magnus allows for a 1 points regeneration, magicka will regenerate again normally when the power can be cast again.)
25% Spell Absorption for 1/4 day.
Weakness to Magic, Fire, Frost and Shock 100% for 1/4 day. (Blessing of Magnus cancels this down to 75% weakness.)

Divine Smite:
Fire, Frost and Shock Damage 100 points each on target.

Prayer's Answer:
Restore Health, Fatigue and Magicka 100 points in an area of 10 ft. on touch.


Arcane Might:
Fortify Strength, Endurance, Speed and Agility 50 points for 2 minutes.
Drain Intelligence, Willpower, Luck and Personality 50 points for 2 minutes.

Base Attributes

Male & Female:
Strength: 20
Intelligence: 60
Willpower: 60
Agility: 20
Speed: 20
Endurance: 20
Luck: 60
Personality: 60

Skill Bonuses
Alchemy + 10
Alteration +10
Conjuration + 10
Destruction + 10
Illusion + 10
Mysticism +10
Restoration + 10


Argonian + 5
Bretion + 5
Dark Elf + 5
Dremora - 10
High Elf + 5
Imperial + 5
Khajiit + 5
Nord + 5
Orc + 5
Redguard + 5
Star Orphan + 10
Wood Elf + 5

Misc Stats

Male: Imperial
Female: Redguard

Male & Female: 1.1000

Male & Female: 0.9500


Manual Install

1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the Star Orphans.esp file(s).

OBMM Install

Installing the Mod

1. Extract the archive to any other folder.
2. Copy the extracted archive to [Install Path]\Oblivion\OBMM\Mods\
3. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
4. Click the Create button
5. Click the Add Archive button, navigate to the archive and select it, then click the Yes button.
6. Click the Create OMOD button, wait until it finishes, then click the Ok button

Activating the Mod

1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen, once installed the mod icon will turn blue

BAIN Install

1. Copy the entire archive into your Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers folder.
2. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, highlight the new archive.
3. Check any sub-folders, ESP/ESM's as required.
4. Right click the archive name and Install.
5. In Wrye Bash Mods tab, check the ESP/ESM's and rebuild Bashed patch. (Also recommeneded to run BOSS first).


Manual Un-Install

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the Star Orphans.esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

OBMM Un-Install

1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager
2. Double click the mod to deactivate it, once finished the icon will turn green

BAIN Un-Install

1. In Wrye Bash Mods tab, deselect the ESP/ESM's associated with this mod.
2. In Wrye Bash Installers tab, right click on the archive name and Uninstall.
3. Rebuild Bashed patch.


There are no currently planned updates. Just in case if you want to make sure you don't miss any updates please tag this file.



Known Issues:

None, please contact me if you find any and I will fix them A.S.A.P. :)


04/11/2011 - 04/11/2011 - 1.0 - Initial Release.

Contact Details:

You can contact me on Nexus, TES Alliance or Oblivion's Real Estate (Soon to be Skyrim's Real Estate) as Mannimagnus.


Mannimagnus: Star Orphans.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the new eye textures and his ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to Alienslof for the Robert body textures I used as a base.
Thanks to Robert for his male and female bodies.
Thanks to Exnem, RAIAR & MadCat221 for their Eyecandy body.
Thanks to the BAB team for their BAB body.
Thanks to the FF team for their FF body.
Thanks to Throttlekitty for Head 06, the eyelash meshes and the hair pack.
Thanks to Astymma for the fixed head 06 .tri file.
Thanks to Luchaire for the eyelash textures.
Thanks to Ren for the hair meshes and base textures.
Thanks to Dustinflan for the face textures I used as a base.
Thanks to Capsadmin for the resource Dustinflan used for the conversion of Enayla's textures to Head 06 and for the smooth .egt.
Thanks to Enayla for the textures Dustinflan converted to Head 06.
Thanks to Ephemera for the eyebrows Dustinflan used.
Thanks to Scanti for the merged teeth and mouth meshes.
Thanks to Xenius for the high quality hair texture.
Thanks to YoshikinaKota for the high quality Ren hair texture Xenius converted.
Thanks to Lucha for the tweaked Head06 Fem3 headmesh and the Coolsims hair conversion.
Thanks to Anto for creating the Coolsims and Cazy hairs.
Thanks to Cazy for creating the Cazy hairs and tweaking Anto's hairs.
Thanks to Ziitch for converting the Cazy hairs.
Thanks to Fumofumo for converting the Cazy hairs.
Thanks to Idkrr for the Corean hairs.
Thanks to Vanillabeans for the VB hairs.
Thanks to Flonne for the eyes.
Thanks to bnnfish for converting Flonne's eyes to the Elaborate Eyes mesh.
Thanks to Nequam (Jenius) for Elaborate Eyes.
Thanks to halo112358 for theElaborate Eyes conversion template.
Thanks to Nexus and TES Alliance for providing hosting for mods and being the homes of modders and players alike. :)

I try my best to credit everyone, if I have forgotten anyone, please tell me and I will add them to the list A.S.A.P. :)

Tools Used:

Insanity's ReadMe Generator
Elderscrolls Construction Set


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission. You do not need to ask permission for companions, save games or translations. If you translate this mod please only upload the translated .esp and include a link to this page for the download of the meshes and textures. Alternitavely you can send me the translated .esp which I will upload here. :)