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Created by: Kielanai
Modified by: Angkor

1. Introduction
2. Credits
3. What's Up
4. The Old One


AKE is an Oblivion mod intended to let you explore the wonders of this world.

It has five parts:
1. Akaviri Kojima, a little akaviri [= japanese] styled island for the coast of Anvil made by Kielenai. Besides being beautiful in all its little details it's also very usefull as the central trading hub for this mod.
2. Shipping Line, these are ships that bring you from Leyawiin via Elsweyr and Valenwood to Anvil or even farther to the Oyster Bay region.
3. San Path, a set of akaviri styled player houses scattered - mostly - along the borders of Cyrodiil province. The San Path has a wheel structure with a central hub from where teleportation portals lead to the bigger houses on its spokes and from there to the smaller houses on its rim. Since many other modders have modified the landscape "somewhere" the intention of the San Path is to give players easy and direct access to their work specifically.
4. Mount Mor'Moth, a high event density mountain on the border between Cyrodiil and Morrowind. Besides an interesting landscape it has two Ayleids [ Nayada and Or's Hall of Chasms], Fort Lower Heaven and a huge dungeon with more than 50 interconnected caves, all made to explore in beauty.
5. Impy Dimpy and Fort Gale. These are two huge dungeons on the Imperial City Isle I made celebrating Oblivion's 10th anniversary.

I've started using OBS Studio to record ingame testing and with the YouTube video editor I make small vids of these test runs which I upload to a YouTube playlist @ https://www.youtube.com/user/AngkorBonsaiberg , some extra screenshots can be found @ http://angkor.imgur.com


Manual install: put the AKE V8.0 Full into Oblion\Data and unzip here.
Overwrite the V8.0 esp with the V8.1 esp
Or use your favorite mod manager ....
If asked to overwrite, say no to all.

Manual uninstall: in your Oblivion\Data folder remove the akavirikojima.esp, from the meshes folder in the architecture folder remove the AkaviriKojima map, do the same in the Textures folder and the Textures\menus\icons\clutter folder and in Oblivion\Data\Trees remove the KSSoTTreeBamboo01.spt file.

Or use your favorite mod manager :)

Anywhere AFTER Valenwood Improved.esp

Naming Issues:
Dungeons and caves:
A dungeon is a set of caves.
The AKE dungeon is everything that's underground Mount Mor'Moth.
The XXX dungeon is a set of caves which together form this dungeon.

Combat and Transition caves:
Combat caves are big [more or less] open spaces where you fight boss level enemies. These caves are imbedded in Ring systems of smaller caves with are intended as [more or less] peaceful transitions between the various combat caves.

Oblivion with SI installed.

Highly Recommended because of AKE integration with houses and/or ships:
1. Illiana's Elsweyr - Anequina Desert @ www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/862-elsweyr-the-deserts-of-anequina
2. Eldarie's Valenwood Improved @ www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22555
3. ArgonianLord's Black Marsh @ www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42515
and my own
4. Elsweyr_Leyawiin_Topal Bay Walkabout @ www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30816
5. ImpIsle Walkabout Junglised @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41089

Upload Restriction:
AKAVIRI Kojima is NOT to be hosted anywhere else without Kielenai's permission.
Also, the original Kojima-crafted items are no longer allowed for use in other mods without her permission.

2. Credits and Recommendations:


3. What's Up

Version 1.0 : Prelude
Version 2.0 : The San Path
Version 3.0 : The San Path Extended
Version 4.0 : Going Deep
Version 5.0 : Mount Mor'Moth
Version 5.1 : Going Scrum
Version 5.2 : Mount Mor'Moth Revisited
Version 5.3 : San Path Revisited
Version 5.4 : Nayada
Version 5.5 : Thalossos
Version 5.6 : Heaven's Path
Version 6.0 : Hircine's Call Revisited
Version 6.1 : Questing Nayada's Lost Sanctum
Version 6.2 : Nayada Plateau
Version 6.3 : A'qua Doe
Version 6.4 : Heaven's Plaza
Version 7.0 : Akaviri Kojima Junglised
Version 7.1 : Impy Dimpy
Version 7.2 : Fort Gale
Version 7.3 : Fort Gale Updated
Version 8.0 : Si'Lath
Version 8.1 : Ice Age
Version 8.2 : San Path Reddified
Version 8.3 : Valenwood Haven
Version 8.4 : Sailing West


In V8.4 - besides some swamp extention in the Topal Bay - I've connected AKE's Shipping Line with the Valenwood harbors Waldherz and Südspitz, I've replaced most wooden stairs in the landscape near the player houses with door stones and I've given all "rooms" connecting with the landscape the "behave like exterior" option.

Found and corrected some glitches in San Path rooms.

Had another look at the Black Wood player house which is now a lot more "player friendly" ...
While wooden stairs in the landscape are very useful when you wanna get "things done", they will never be more then place holders for stony stairs and in this version I have "updated" many of them ...
By replacing all goldcoast rocks with GreatForest..FGTDMoss rocks I made Kielanai's Akaviri Kojima island part of the Valenwood landscape ...

Valenwood Waldherz and Südspitz - two new harbor exits - have been added to the Shipping Line.
Many interiors - houses and En'Trance caves - have the "behave like exterior" option flagged ...

If you're not interested in these new harbors - or if Eldarie's Valenwood Improved is not in your game - I have reconnected the ship in Fanesti with the one in Iliana's Duncori Beach ...
On the other hand, if you are interested in visiting you must modify Eldarie's Valenwood with two new rooms in Anvil's - default - clarabella pirate ship and the precise instructions on where to do this can be found in the spoiler and the read me ...



V8.3 had its major focus on the Valenwood - Shipping Line entanglement.
There are three options with mods you want to work together:
Merger by which you destroy the originals and make a new one containing both.
Integration by which you make modifications in one mod that show up - during game play - in the other mod.
Entanglement in which both mods modify a DEFAULT cell in such a way that during gameplay these - independent - mods appear to be merged.
As an example, the AKE landscape modifications near ELT's Halfway Inn are an example of "integration" whereas the cabin connecting AKE's shipping line with VI's haven is a form of "entanglement".
To make entanglement work you mmust modify both mods, I have done this in AKE V8.3 but you must do this in Eldarie's Valenwood Improved yourself, if you're interested just follow the directions in the spoiler.

Found and corrected glitches in some San Path rooms.

Lake Mor'Moth has its many ice lake planes replaced with a few - scaled up - ones.
In the Rim's Atatar Si'Lath I have given the push button that opens the "new" section a more logical location.
Some interior work has been done in the new Black Marsh player house.

Valenwood Haven - a new harbor exit - has been added to the Shipping Line.
Some of Elbethien's big rocks are added to the Halfway Inn landscape.
An Ayleid well is placed in the landscape near the Black Marsh player house.




Eldarie's Valenwood Improved @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22555


Version 8.2 : San Path Reddified

V8.2 had its major focus on the San Path which has seen a massive overhaul and a new MenSan in the Black Marsh region between Gideon - ArgonianLord's Black Marsh - and Hesu's Poison Swamp.
Beside these there's also an overhaul of Nayada's Lost sanctum and an extension of The Rim's Atatar Si'Lath ...

Having made all San Path interiors darker I got problems with some walls and paintings not reacting well to this new lighting so I fixed this by properly orientating all walls in all houses and by replacing "dark" with "bright" paintings.

Beside some landscape modifications in the Strid River and Oyster Bay region all player houses have their lighting changed into a darker redish brown which is compensated by adding many more -CaveGloShroom and ArBlueAmb - lights which reflect in the walls and many CaveFire128 lights on the - reflective - paintings ..
Nayada's Lost Sanctum had the problem of staying very dark despite many attempts in the editor to brighten it up so I've added many lights which give it a warmer yellowish look which motivated me to change its fog into a - complementary - Purple Haze.

The Atatar Si'Lath in the Rim region has been extended with some more - interesting :) - rooms.
The Black Marsh player house is a new MenSan that replaces the Swamp MenSan, meaning that this house is connected with the San Path and that the Swamp player house is now a KisSan with no connection to the San Path anymore. Black Marsh is located in cell [35,-34] which is between the town of Gideon and  the Poison Swamp and it has two extra teleporters connecting it with the Topal Bay KisSan in the South and the Blackwood Swamp KisSan in the North.
I have also connected the Swamp KisSan with the NibenBay MenSan so starting in the Gnoll Mountain KisSan in the North you can now stay "indoors" while traveling clockwise along Cyrodiil's circumference to the CloudTop KisSan in the North West.

Betty's Island @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46360
Eldarie's Valenwood Improved @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22555
Argonianlord's Black Marsh @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42515
HESU's Poison Swamp @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46090


Version 8.1 : Ice Age

In this version - besides some adjustments to the Si'Lath in AKE's Rim region and the Stir River KisSan - I have used Alasdair's Ice Cave Tileset [Id= 26319] to make both the Ayleid city Nayada as all of the higher caves in the Mount Mor'Moth dungeon "icy".

Two statues blocking passage in the Si'Lath and some glitches  here and there ...
Some minor issues in both Nayada as the Mor'Moth caves ...

Though the mood of both Nayada as the Ice caves have been completely changed I consider this retexture more as an update than as something new ..

Transition caves are small caves between massive loads and I've made them to offer you a safe place for making a safe save game :)
Some new ones are added around Hircine's Call and the Lost Entrance ...


Version 8.0 : Si'Lath

Si'Lath is an "Esher-type" structure deep in AKE's Rim section that connects Nayada's Lost Sanctum with Or's Hall Of Chasms and Atatar Loira from where you can travel to the ELT Rim section - if ELT-Walkabout V1.2 is installed - that is :)

Sorry but I found nothing wrong :)

Replaced all cave textures in both Gale's Deep as the Impy Dimpy with the Snus dungeon textures.
Did the same with all Or's Hall related caves in Mount Mor'Moth but this was before Lougian's Red caves [Id= 47407] so things might change here
again :)
Placed some of Elbethien's huge rocks in Nayada's Lost Entrance and Sanctum, they should give the illusion of being on a high mountain surrounded by other mountains but this is not tested yet ..

The Si'Lath, a moody Esher-like triangle that connects Nayada and Or's Hall with the Atatar Loira where I've made a connection between ELT's and
AKE's Rim sections. In total, six new "Ayleids" have been made here with an extra "structure" in the default Oblivion Ayleid ruin "Atatar".
Extended my Oblivion 10th anniversary project with the Impy Wimpy which connects the Impy Dimpy with the Sinkhole Cave on the Imperial City Isle.


This mod is part of a project containing 3 complementary mods aimed at assisting a "new" player.
My motivation for this project was a lvl 40 corrupt savegame forcing me to start a new game with a clean install. Using Wrye Bash I can give this avatar the attributes and skills of my former lvl 40 but not the "visited" worldmap, spells or armor and weaponry and the intention of this project was to deal with this.
Akaviri Kojima Extended @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/40832 gives you player homes in the wilderness of Tamriel,
ImpIsle Walkabout @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41089 gives you the most elementary Midas spells and
SanBackUp @http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41133 gives you some Akaviri armor and weaponry.

Happy hunting

4. The Old One

From Kielanai's original readme:

"Akaviri Little Island"
Version 6.0


Created by: Kielanai
Date: Sept. 29, 2006
Last Update: May 18, 2007
For Game: Oblivion

This mod makes an Akaviri (Asian, Japanese) style island south of Anvil in the Abecean Sea with two furnished homes.


* Fast travel or access by pilotable pirate ship mod from Anvil. (TELEPORT FIRST if you wish to take your ship to the dock, or the game might lock up trying to load location you've never been before with the ship mod.)
* Stable and sheepfold with two sheep. Garden with some deer like in Kyoto.
* Garden plot and flower beds for use with gardening mods. Rice paddy on shore below stables.
* Fusuma allow you to open and close off certain parts of the home (according to seasonal weather and guests) similar to real Japanese home.
* Lots of storage, even in minka (small farmhouse).
* Minka has main room divided into shop/dining area and kitchen/alchemy area. Lower level divided into two bedrooms with one doubling as a library and the other doubling as an armory. There is a bath house behind it.
* Main house has entrance hall divided into guest areas, office, and memorial parlors. East wing was converted to dining area, kitchen area, and magic/library/workroom. West wing was converted into doujou, and two bedrooms. There is an onsen and tea room behind it.
* There is a letter on the desk in the farmhouse to welcome you and recommend some mods that may enhance your enjoyment of this one. There is a book near it with a little story about the history of the island.
* Since most Japanese homes have a lot of beds, desks, tables, and cushions low to the floor, I lowered most in this setting and fashioned zabuton tabs out of benches, so PC can sit on floor.
* Items of "Akaviri" clothing included.



[email protected]
Kielanai ~ Elder Scrolls Official Forums (I usually browse the construction set and mods forums)

Douzo tanoshinde kudasai! Enjoy! :)


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