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Adds two swords to the Imperial Palaces basement on a shelf. One without dragons on the hilt and one with. I will upload pictures.

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Hiya folks. Today I bring to you the popular Requiem blade from Morrowind. All credit for the original sword idea and model and textures goes to Phijama, and credit for the Oblivion retexture/creation goes to preat_2005 & Cethegus.

What This Does:
Adds two swords to the Imperial Palaces basement, meaning you'll have to work for them. One has dragons on the hilt, the other doesn't. Also there is a book in the First Edition that details how they were forged. I pretty much made it all up on the spot so don't sue me.

Installation is as it always is; simply extract the rar to your oblivion\data folder. Also, along with the original texture, there is a black re-texture of the blade's grip/handle. If you want to use these textures instead, then following these exact instructions.

1) Download the main file only.
2) Extract it's contents to a temporary location.
3) Open the "texture black" folder and drag these into the (wherever you temporary extracted to)\textures\weapons folder.
4) Click to Overwrite all.
5) Now simply drag and drop the Meshes, Textures, and ESP to your oblivion/data directory as usual.

The swords attack is at 25. If you want to make it higher, lower or enchanted then just use the construction set to change it yourself or enchant it in game.

This is a beautiful skin and sword and I don't believe it should go unused.

I'm sorry if obtaining the swords is troublesome. Just use the console to get them if you're not a thief type character. Also, don't worry. They aren't owned by anyone so they don't count as "stolen" when you pick them up. (E.g. the guards wont confiscate them)