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Makes the main waterways shippable and has the big canal around Leyawiin - the battlement for Count Marius Caro' City. Use together with mods that have sailable ships.

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Here you get not only the Shipping in Cyrodiil in it's newest edition 4.0 but as well the big canal around Leyawiin with the background story about Count Marius Caro building this as a battlement for his city and as excuse for his expansion plans right to the doors of Bravil...

Go and explore the new buildings, the interiors, the shortcuts, traffic lights and the big canal.
This is an alternative version to my Shipping in Cyrodiil mod.
Enjoy exploring ;)

This Edition is compatible to Passenger Ships of Cyrodiil as long as you do not travel in animated mode past Leyawiin because there is NO waterway past the City (= vanilla version)! If you take the ship from the IC to Topal Bay, you might use stop the ship near the Coast Guard Station to avoid clippings or switch off the animated travelling at Leyawiin to pass the city (the ships are supposed to use the channel anyway ;).

You might need some patches, see the Optional file section.

And you need S H I P S !!!

Look here:

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Jason1s Pilotable Pirate Ship
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