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Adds a new playable race! Female and Male.

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Current version: 2.3



11/10/2011 uploaded ESP update 2.3, which features unique attributes created for the Synx. More infos below! Thanks NameHasntUsed for creating them.
NOTE: Those skills and attributes probably won't be added if you're already play a Synx character, you need to create a new one or change the race twice (to another one, and then reverse). I recommend the Character Generate Amulet, this way all your other stats won't be resetted.
10/4/2011 reupped the complete package because the new eyes were in the wrong folder. If you don't want to redownload everything, simply put this folder "/textures/characters/Synx/SynxEye/" to this path: "/textures/characters/Synx/Eyes/SynxEye/". Thanks SilverCobra126 for reporting this!
10/1/2011 uploaded a complete package and some optional eyes, there's a sample in the image section if you're interested.
9/19/2011 uploaded Update 2.2, which includes the hotfix and 17 new hairstyles (Cazy package). Thanks Cazy and ziitch!
9/12/2011 uploaded hotfix for the Ren_Head version. Eyelashes are finally fixed.
8/28/2011 uploaded final version, including more hairstyles, more versions (both female and male) and minor bugfixes. Full download only (sorry!)
5/28/2011 added Roberts Female texture as optional file
5/22/2011 added another CM Companion + started a list with all the other Synx Companions.
5/20/2011 uploaded V1.2. New stuff: Male version, some new eyes, male hairstyles. Fixed some bugs (thanks ziitch), adjusted ears
5/18/2011 as requested, I made a CM Companion of the girl in the image section. Changed her a bit, though.
5/17/2011 fixed hairstyles. A HUGE thank you to Geechan! If there's something wrong with the patch, please let me know.
5/15/2011 Release v1.0


CM Partners:
Sara by glock3 and LegacyCloud
Isabell, Sandra and Franziska by me
Nina by Mogadin
Lilyana by PSTM
Liana by Chibiguy2
Athorielle by Kpnut

Thank you for creating these!


Originally coming from Morrowind, the Synx are an embattled race with royal blood pouring through their veins. Only a few remember when - or why - they went to Cyrodiil. Some people even say that they're descendants of Julianos, but that's probably just gossipry. The only thing that is written down about their prehistory is that the Synx once ruled their own territory in the southwest of Morrowind.
They are known for their patience, veracity and swordplay.


I've originally created this race to get a human-looking character to my taste. The Synx expanded very quickly, and after some people wrote me, I decided to release them here.

Newest release got several female AND male versions:

Female Version 1: Ren_Head001 based, original version
Female Version 2: Head06 based, little to no makeup
Female Version 3: Head06 based, more makeup
Female Version 4: Head06 based, even more makeup.

Male Version 1: Head06 based, stubble beard
Male Version 2: Head06 based, no beard
Male Version 3: Head06 based, full beard

Go to the image section for some sample screenshots!


HG Eyecandy body http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15802

Custom Race fix http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1815

Roberts Male Body Replacer: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=28646



Strength: 50
Intelligence: 40
Willpower: 35
Agility: 35
Speed: 40
Endurance: 50
Luck: 40
Personality: 50

Skill bonus:
+ 10 Blade
+ 10 Block
+ 5 Speechcraft
+ 5 Heavy Armor

Battle Hardened : constant ability, 15% resist normal weapons, 15% resist paralysis, 50% resist poison

Royal Wrath : casted power, 40% reflect damage, fortify blade and heavy armor 20 pts, lasted 60 seconds

Royal Call : casted power, charm 50pts for 120 seconds, restore 30 health over 4 seconds, command humanoid up to level 40 for 60 seconds.



1. Extract Synx.7z
2. Copy everything into oblivion/data
3. Activate Synx.esp


Create an .omod and activate it :)

Just one thing I'd like to do: Go to your Oblivion.ini file and set FaceGenTexturing to 0. That will disable the aging effect of the face texture and you'll get a pure looking character. You can't use the skin tone sliders after disabling!
Note that this will happen to ALL NPCs as well. Characters look much better this way imo, but if you don't like it, just set it back to 1 and everythings normal again :)



Delete Synx.esp and these folders:



If there are any bugs, issues or problems, feel free to contact me. I'll do my very best to fix everything :)



HoneyVanity did 90% of the newest male face-texture work.
Geechan helped me to adjust all coolsims hairstyles.
NameHasntUsed for the custom attributes.

Thanks a thousand times!


Anto for all coolsims hairstyles
LUCHA for converting them and improving H06 meshes
RAIAR and Madcat221 for HGEC body
Geechan for her amazin eyesets
kynetarse for the custom race fix
Ozmo for HGEC High Rez Skin Textures resource
throttlekitty for Head06
Astymma for Head06 grin fix
CapsAdmin for Smooth .egt file
Robert for his female body
idkrrr for saram/suhlwa hairstyles
Babe for Babe hairstyles
Cazy and ziitch for the Cazy hair package
dustinflan for the male texture resource
Adam Thwaites for the female texture resource I used for H06 versions. Check out his homepage: http://www.most-digital-creations.com/
Bethesda for Oblivion :)

If I forgot someone, tell me!


If you want to redistribute this mod (or parts of it), please contact me first, thank you.