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  1. Dispensation
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    This mod is a more optimised and modern version: De-Nock Arrows xOBSE
  2. aragonit
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    This works well, but to save a slot in your load order, use the COBL option for Denock.
    Cobl provides a standardized Options Menu. You can access this by selecting the "+[Options]" misc. item from your inventory. Doing so will
    bring up a container/menu of guide books. Both books and commands can be accessed by selecting them.

  3. Xentariel
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  4. pwwhdr70
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    I've tried everything and I can't get this mod to work right.

    It shows DenockArrowState for 0 and 1.  When I try to set the state to 2 it does nothing.  So the mod is loading, but it I can't get the Draw/Sheathe (X on my Xbox controller) button to execute the function.  It just fires the arrow.

    I've saved and reloaded, started a new game, gone through all the troubleshooting in the description - nothing works.

    Is there something obvious that I'm missing?  I really need this.

    EDIT:  I got it to work!  Joytopad was not working for me but Antimicro did the trick.
  5. neodymz
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    does this mod have controller support? or compatible with the controller support mod?
  6. Spark01
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    wow, i was really hoping this mod existed. Thank you so much, this will make Oblivion much more playable
  7. bigEZchad
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    The link posted in the Description/Readme does not feature the Control IDs used to set Denock Arrow to a custom key via Console Commands.

    Here's an updated link to the Console IDs via the Construction Set wiki: https://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php?title=GetControl

    Or if you just want the info here...

    Control IDs
    Forward 0
    Back 1
    Slide Left 2
    Slide Right 3
    Use/Attack 4
    Activate 5
    Block 6
    Cast 7
    Ready Weapon8
    Always Run 11
    Auto Move12
    Jump 13
    Toggle POV 14
    Menu Mode15
    Rest 16
    Quick Menu 17
    Grab 28
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    Not being able to sheath arrows was driving me bonkers. Thank you.
  9. t103left4dead
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    For anyone using the GOG version of the game, make sure you have the GOG version of OBSE loader installed. Extract it then copy it to the game's directory, overwriting the Steam version. May have to start a new game, but I'm not sure. If you don't have the Steam version of OBSE yet, you'll need to extract everything in that download to your game directory except for the loader because the GOG file on silverlock only has the loader, not the other files. You can find the OBSE download website on the "DESCRIPTION" tab of this page under "Requirements."Big thanks to dwarren for this mod. Haven't played this game until now and not being able to denock arrows was a huge disappointment.

    Edit: you may have to load the game through the OBSE loader for this mod to work, though I would have sworn I initially used NMM to load my game and it worked.
    1. DragonSlayer667
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      Works because NMM detects obse and loads thru that instead.

      It's the little things that make a good game really great, and this mod is one of those stepping stones into the ultimate experience!
  10. dwarren
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    Hi all! I don't have Oblivion installed right now and am a little busy, but I've pushed the mod to github in case anyone finds a fix and wants to send me a pull request:


    It looks like there are two issues you all are seeing:

    1) A conflict with the Sneaking Detection Recalibrated mod (I'm guess this would be because they might hook in to the animations via OBSE just like I do, would need to look at the mod to be sure)

    2) An issue with the mod not initializing on first run, requires saving and reloading to init properly (I've never seen it do this but who knows, doesn't look like OBSE has been updated since I've been away from Oblivion so probably a bug on my part).

    I'll dive in to the above if I get some time, otherwise send me a pull request via github.
    1. DuxAstrio
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      Hello dwarren

      After I wasn't able to get the original denock arrow to work, I came here.

      I've downloaded and decompressed OBSE in the Data folder under Oblivion.
      I've downloaded and decompressed this file in the Data folder under Oblivion.
      I used Oblivion Mod Manager to activate this file, and moved it under the unofficial patch mods, before any of the Shivering Isles or DLC patch mods.
      I am using a digital Steam version, game of the year edition with the official patch already installed (apologies if some of this is redundant) and the only mods I am using are the unofficial patches for Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and DLC.
      Steam Overlay in-game has been enabled in Settings under In-Game.
      At first trouble I returned to this page and completed the Troubleshooting steps.
      show DenockArrowState is initially set at -1, which does not change until I set to 2, which does not change even after sheathing, firing arrow, sneaking/standing, etc.
      I changed the key to "z" with the listed command, same results.
      I saw this post and I saved, exited game, launched and loaded. No change. Saved and reloaded in-game. No change.

      My gaming laptop was recently disabled so I'm running Oblivion on a laptop with an integrated graphics card on minimal settings.

      Any further suggestions? I was quite flumoxed to discover that a denock arrow fix has not been included in either the official or unofficial patches after all these years.