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Solve a fairytale-like mini-quest, gain a lovely medieval-style manor.
Now with Skyrim-inspired crafting, “real” roses and a fully voiced Aurora.
Optional sheep can be bought at Roxey Inn.

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Solve a fairytale-like mini-quest, gain a lovely medieval-style manor, now with Skyrim-inspired Crafting facilities.


It was love at first sight when I found Stroti's wonderful modders resource "Ravenhorst Manor", and ever since then I have wanted to make a medieval style player abode with a fairytale-like quest.
The Red Rose Manor is the result of ten days intense work.

The Red Rose Manor is located on a hilltop on the road between Weye and Skingrad. But, in order to gain access to it you have to talk to the female mages at the Skingrad Mages Guild, who will know more about the house and about the secret it has been holding for more than hundred years...

The Red Rose Manor is lore-friendly and furnished in medieval keep style. Apart from the main cell with mainhall, master bed suite, attic and basement, there is also an additional underground cave with a natural waterpool suitable for swimming. The mod also includes two display-cases and 101 non-respawning containers (many of them "mini-barrels) as well as one respawning trash-bin and three respawning wool barrels.

New in ver 2.3

New in ver 2.3

- Optional sheep! You can buy up to 6 sheep and lambs for Red Rose Manor at *Roxey Inn*. Shear your sheep and use the wool for yarn production with the crafting facilities in the manor!
If you are interested in crafting and farm animals, I recommend that you also use the "Useful farm animals" mod by me and Lycanthrops. These farm animals also for sale at Roxey Inn, which is why also the sheep are for sale there.

New in ver 2

- Skyrim-inspired Crafting has been added. You can now convert pelts into leather and make your own leather armor, you can smelt gold- and silver nuggets as well as misc silver items like spoons, urns etc to get ingots, and with the ingots you can craft your own jewelry. Additionally, you can enhance gold- and silver jewelry with various gems before you sell them or enchant them. An ingame Crafting Manual has been added - you'll find it both at the basement workbench and in bookshelves, as well as in a couple of other places in the manor.
- added a simple stable
- added an outdoor privvy.
- Last but not least - thanks to Lycanthrops, Red Rose Manor now has "real" roses instead of the ones I made using ivy-leaves and recolored dogwood bushes.

New in ver 2.1

- More crafting facilities - you can now make your own iron, steel and silver weapons, your own iron and steel armor and your own lockpicks. You can also make statues in stone or coated with gold or silver. Jensine's store in the Imperial City Market district will have supplies for you, but you can also achieve stones from your own little quarry, right behind the rosehedge in the backyard, or by searching the stones in the pool area. Read more in the description of crafting facilities below.

New in ver 2.2

- Aurora is now fully voiced by Jezdamayel

New in ver 1.1
- added a hedge with flower-shrubs in the backyard
- added an enchanting station in the attic.
- in addition to the companion keys (see below) there are now also companion amulets, this in order to make things smoother for those who use keychain mods.
- adjusted some pathgrids.
- added little "shelves" at the windows on second floor; hopefully this will keep the planters from falling down.
Several new interactive features:
- you may use wool from the wool barrels (respawning) to make your own yarn at the spinning wheels.
- you may use yarn to make your own cloth bolts in the loom.
- you may use any cloth bolt (not folded cloth) to sew your own outfits by using the equipment in the Sewing Kit Chest in the attic close to the wool barrel.
- you may make your own coffee from the coffee bin in the kitchen next to the bread tin.


The manor is fully path-gridded and has five persistent beds (one doublebed and four singlebeds). On top of that, there are two bedrolls that you can activate and de-activate. I.e. you can live here comfortably with up to seven companions.
In a small chest on a drawer in the attic you will find "companion keys". Put a key in your companion's inventory, and this will give the companion additional options. You will be able to tell the companion where to go in the house, or to take a walk outdoors, or swim in the underground pool, or to do some small tasks for you (like sweeping the floors, raking the garden or collecting ingredients).

Special Features

Crafting and cooking:

A crafting manual can be found in the manor, on the workbench in the basement as well as in bookshelves and other places. This is the content of it:

Smelter -In the smelter, located at the rear of Red Rose Manor, you convert silver and gold nuggets to ingots. You can also melt silver items like urns, vases, spoons in order to get ingots and metal items like callipers, mugs, shears, tankards to get scrap metal. Simply put the nuggets or items in the smelter.
Five pieces of scrap metal can be converted to an iron ingot.
You can also make iron ingots from iron ore, which you can buy from Jensine's store in the Imperial City Market District.
Use the bellows to light/extinguish the fire.

Crafting Jewelry - Use the small hammer (activator) on the red cloth on the workbench to craft your own jewelry. You will need ingots from the smelter in order to do so.

Enhancing Jewelry - Use the small tongs (container) on the red cloth on the workbench to enhance your gold jewelry with gems. You will need gold or silver jewelry and appropriate gems (rubies, sapphires, emeralds or diamonds) in order to do so. Put one gem and one piece of jewelry in the container. Close the container and re-open it - your enhanced jewelry is ready!
Note that you can not make silver diamond jewelry and that you cannot make any jewelry using flawed gems.

Tanning - At the Tanning Rack you can craft leather of your bear- lion- or wolf pelts.

Leather Armor - After you have converted pelts into leather, you can create your own leather armor. NEW! Activate the leather gauntlets on the workbench in order to do this.

Armor Smithing - Jensine in the Imperial City Market District will sell you steel- and iron ingots. You can use them to forge your own steel- or iron armor. In order to create armor, activate the steel hammer on the forge.

Weapon Smithing - Jensine will sell you steel and iron ingots that you can use to make your own steel- or iron weapons. If you additionally have silver ingots, you can also make silver weapons. In order to make weapons, activate the hot sword at the forge.

Lockpicks - You can make your own lockpicks from scrap metal. Activate the lockpick on the red cloth on the basement workbench.

Repair - You can repair your armor at the basement anvil.

Wine making - Use the Wine Maker to brew your own wine. You will need grapes in order to do so. You will find enough grapes to start the production in the basement handcarts.
You can pour yourself a bottle of wine or beer from the kegs in the basement and in the kitchen.

Spinning - Use the Spinning Wheels to spin your own yarn. Wool can be found in one container in the basement and one in the attic. Note that the woold will respawn over time, allowing you to spin more yarn. Jensine will also have a supply of yarn for sale.

Weaving - Use the loom in the attic to weave you own bolts of cloth. Note that you will need yarn for this purpose.

Sewing - There is a Sewing Chest in the attic. You can use it to make your own outfits. Note that you will need bolts of cloth for this purpose.

Statues - You can make your own statues of stones or of scrapmetal coated with gold or silver. Apart from the stone bricks you can find scattered over Cyrodiil, there is a little stone "quarry" behind the rose hedge in the backyard which will respawn regularly, and further material can be found if you search the stones in the waterpool area. Also Jensine at the Imperial City Market District will have some stones for sale. Activate the Mara statue in the garden to craft stone statues.
For gold- or silvercoated scrapmetal statues, you need 10 scrapmetals and 4 gold- or silver ingots. Activate the Silver Mara statue on the workbench in the basement.

Baking - You can bake your own bread in the bread tin at the kitchen fireplace. Note that you will need flour for this purpose (and further ingredients if you want to bake other than common bread).

Soup - You can make your own soup with beneficial effects in the cooking pot at the kitchen fireplace. Note that you will need the appropriate ingredients for this purpose.

Coffee - You can make your own coffee in the kitchen. There is a coffee jar placed next to the Bread tin.

Alchemy - Activate the mortar on the alchemy station in the attic in order to brew your own potions.

Spellmaking and Enchanting - There are spellmaking and enchantment stations available in the attic.


- you may light/turn out the fires by clicking on the wateringcans placed next to them.
- You may pour yourself a bottle of wine or beer from the kegs in the basement and in the kitchen.
- you may heal and cure yourself on a daily basis by praying at the altar on the drawers to the left of the fireplace in the master bedroom.
- you may teleport to the major cities in Cyrodiil by activating the statue in front of the mirror in the cave below the basement. In order to use the teleport facility, you will have to find the hidden magic crystal ball.
- you may activate/deactivate the two extra bedrolls in the attic if the beds aren't sufficient for all your companions. The yellow bedrolls are placed at one of the walls.
- you may give your companions additional orders while in the manor. In order to do this, make sure that they each carry a "companion key" which can be found in a small chest on a drawer in the attic.
- daylight will automatically vanish during the night hours.
- the containers are non-respawning, with two exceptions: the "Companion Key chest RESPAWNS" in the attic and the "Trashbin RESPAWNS" barrel in the basement.

Just drop the bsa-package as well as the esp in your Oblivion/Data folder. Don't forget to check the mod when starting the game!


Stroti - for Ravenhorst modder resource as well as a huge part of the statics, furniture, stone statues and items that I have used for furnishing the manor. (modders resources)
Lycanthrops - for the lovely roses; the indoor climbing roses and roses in vases, the outdoor rose bushes and the leaves on the outdoor climbing roses. Also for the tanning rack and the stable, the chamber pots in the bedside tables, the silver- and gold statues and for testing, troubleshooting and valuable suggestions.
Jbvw - for furniture and items originally belonging in his Vaernlor Manor mod (modders resource permission)
Mr_Siilka - for the spinningwheel originally belonging in Castle Seaview (modders resource permission)
MEO - for the modular fireplaces and the watering-cans. (modders resource)
Korana - for the loom.
Xiamara - for the wine racks and bedroll bags. (modders resource)
MagicNakor - for the unicorn tapestries. (modders resource)
Shawn Dworshak - for the alchemy desk script (modders resource)
Washington - for the sawing horse (modders resource)
Phaedra - for the rose flowers that climbs on the exterior walls (modders resource, rose bouqets -additional readme included)
CDCooley - for the new smelter/bellow scripts and for helping me preventing npcs from jumping off the balcony (adding subspace box).
Jezdamayel - for voiceacting Aurora.
DeFothers, Amgepo, Blockhead - playtesting, troubleshooting and valuable suggestions
Loriel - proofreading
My daughter Maja - valuable suggestions on storyline and furnishing.

Video by NGFStudios




The following COBL-features have been incorporated:

- The Luggage - is located in the attic, next to the stairs, but is only available if you have found the original Luggage in Anvil.
- Alchemy sorter - is located together with the alchemy desk in the attic.
- Grinder - is located on the alchemy desk.
- Two dinnerplates are placed on the dinnertable in the mainhall.
- One of the kegs in the basement will give water if you are using a survival mod.
- both the basement well and the well in the garden will give water if you are using a survival mod.

I have choosen to make a COBL-add-on instead of a full COBL-version. My main reason for this is that I tend to continue to tinker on and improve my mods, and then I don't want to have to alter two esps. Obviously, the add-on has to load AFTER Red Rose Manor, else many of the COBL-functions won't work.



Vilja in Red Rose Manor - NOW VER 1.3

If you are running ver 1.0 of this add-on you should upgrade in order to make Vilja's "Cozy evening at home" topic work properly!

Requires: Companion Vilja ver 3.0.1 or higher
Red Rose Manor ver 1.0 or higher

If you are using my Red Rose Manor and have Companion Vilja by me and CDCooley in tow, you might want to use this add-on. It adds new dialog to Vilja - dialog that will only be available while you are in Red Rose Manor or in the area right outside it - and it also gives her a number of new things to do while you are staying in the manor. Among other things, she will take up painting, and if you let her paint ever so often, she will now and then actually complete a new painting that she will be happy to decorate your home with (not as many as in the Aleswell add-on, though, as there aren't many places in the manor that I find suitable for the purpose). She will also help out in the garden, bring you a bottle of beer, go shopping and actually return home with some goods. And you can ask her to sit down with you at one of the fireplaces or at the dinnertable. A number of tasks she will also perform spontaneously, without you having to ask her. These occations are based on random 100 and will probably not happen every day.
She will also have additional chatter and comments related to the manor, and if she is with you while you are doing the quest for the manor, she will comment on this as well.


French version

Moorelf has made a french translation of this mod. "Manoir de la Rose Rouge" is available here

German version

Merkur67 has made a german translation of this mod, which is available here