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A Detailed Terrain compatible replacement for the road texture that comes with QTP3 (or even vanilla if you like).

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I'm proud to finally release my new hi-res (1024x1024) road texture, meant to be used as a replacement for QTP3's main road texture, which I have an extreme level of distaste for. I left the smaller rocks that line the roads alone as I think they work well with the new texture, though it has little in common with the QTP3 texture's strangely colored and badly shaped design. Its design is closer to the vanilla road texture actually, but higher resolution and with prominent depth via the normal map. I think a texture seen so frequently deserves special attention so I've done a good deal of tweaking to make sure it's just right.

This is a sequel to my first attempt, which had issues with the tiling being obvious due to it simply being the vanilla texture multiplied by four to make it hi-res. The new texture was produced using the vanilla texture as a starting point, but with extensive use of the clone tool essentially making it an all new design. Tiling is much less obvious than my first attempt, and even improves on the QTP3 texture in that regard. Though there is still noticeable tiling once in a while, this is unavoidable without simply removing all unique variation from the texture, and it's seen very rarely anyway.

This texture is Detailed Terrain compatible, which means it makes use of an alpha channel for transparency DT uses when layering adjacent terrain textures. Because of this if you don't have Detailed Terrain installed and install my texture its appearance may be kind of nasty and unlike what you see in the example screenshots. If you're using QTP3 and not using Detailed Terrain, you're really missing out, though. Get it now! And make sure to install my texture afterwards.

Simply extract the archive to your Data folder and if necessary use whatever method of archive invalidation you prefer.

I welcome feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments after checking the texture out. I spent quite a while tweaking the normal map, going back and forth trying to get the perfect "sharpness" and depth, so comments on that aspect are greatly appreciated.