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SDR - Series 9 Thread (233 comments)

  1. saebel
    • premium
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    Use this thread to report bugs, make feature requests, and generally discuss any issue regarding SDR Series 9. When reporting bugs, remember to include which version you are using. Note: The new Bethsoft Forums are obnoxious, so I will only be using this forum for all SDR related issues moving forward.

    STATUS: Series 9 is officially released.

    My to do list is as follows:
    - Update OBME for SDR plugin to use new system
    - Follow up on remaining bugs that have been reported
    - Create a "light" version that has less performance impact.
  2. jimmon89
    • member
    • 23 posts
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    i'm having an issue with the latest sdr where from the very start my character is deafened and i can't figure out how to turn it off or even reverse the effect
    and i know it's the deafness effect beacuse sdr keeps turning off my subtitles
  3. Airshow502
    • supporter
    • 7 posts
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    Can you please port/make a stealth crosshair similar to skyrim one ? and putting it down on the left of the screen is annoying & distracting in my opinion.
  4. TorchicBlaziken
    • member
    • 364 posts
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    Do the Invisibility changes, Deafness, and Muffle work when SDR's detection system is disabled?
    Also, even though you decided not to include Normal vs Vampire setting for Detect Life, it would make sense to add it so you could make vampires undetectable like in Skyrim.

    I'm using RC3 and Oblivion Reloaded, and the Night Eye shader messes up the color of magic for some reason. Not sure if this is a problem with Oblivion Reloaded or the mod.
  5. WalkerInShadows
    • member
    • 819 posts
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    I just tried updating from 9.0 to 9.01. I did a full clean save, but after I get the messagebox about RGO (using the ring or the ini file) and the message about RGO updating to 2.8, the game crashes. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm not using any of the new spells/features (blind, muffle, etc.) and have them all turned off - that part works fine.
  6. r3sus
    • member
    • 40 posts
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    Hello. I'm looking for mod, that will fix movement attack. First it's loud byself, but never detected. Second, while doing, character does a battle cry, that should be heard in huge distance. Third, it doesn't increase athletics, that gives an option to avoid leveling.
  7. yabay1
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    • 3 posts
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    Are these bugs?
    1. After completing the quest "Zero Visibility" three sheep without horns remain invisible (or is this the magic of Ankotar not yet dissipated :-) ), and a sheep with horns becomes visible.
    A message appears in the console window:
    Error in script 13006c30
    Operator := failed to evaluate to a valid result
        File: SDR.esp Offset: 0x038B Command: Let
    2. When approaching deer, they start to run very fast in circles (high jump, fall and sometimes die, providing me with food :-) ), and after a few laps they return to their usual routine.
    3. Sometimes invisible wolves, imps and even flame atronachs attack me on the roads or near ruins. Life detection spell does not work on them. After I kill them, they become visible and the same error occurs:
    Error in script 13006c30
    Operator := failed to evaluate to a valid result
        File: SDR.esp Offset: 0x038B Command: Let
    Can the "startquest sdrQreboot" console command help (checked, did not help).
    Full clean save helps, but not for long. After each normal save, the creatures become invisible again. I have to do a new full clean save each time. After a full clean save, everything works fine.
    4. Sometimes, even after a full clean save, this kind of error appears:
    SDR/Error: Script 2000 Line 106. Failed to get volume factor. Initialization aborted! Actor Goblin Scirmisher [FF007438] DTP:12096 Disabled:0
    Instead of a goblin there can be any other character.
    After this mistake, creatures sometimes become invisible again.
    My active mod files:

    The mod is installed using the wizard, and the ini files are activated.
    Thanks for the great mod! For a character who actively exploits invisibility, this is a real challenge!
    Sorry, translated by Google.
  8. Maegfaer
    • premium
    • 342 posts
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    I've installed the latest version, and it seems to act quite strange. I'm not even sneaking, but when I'm in combat in a dungeon with a NPC running after me and I run around a corner (and thus lose LOS with the NPC), the NPC just sheathes his weapon and walks back. I'm using default settings, have all the required/recommended mods and the latest OBSE.
  9. saebel
    • premium
    • 415 posts
    • 32 kudos
    Hi all. I've been crazy busy and am slammed through November and probably most of December. Will try to address issues as best I can.

    General note: Unless everyone is having the same problem, there is a good chance that your specific issue is due to an improper installation or a mod conflict. The online manual covers a lot of information on those issues. So please make sure to read that first.

    For slower low-end machines, I guarantee that SDR will be an issue. There have been request to create a "lite" version that is less processing intensive. I can't guarantee that will happen any time soon, if at all.

    My apologies for the inconvenience.

  10. MosAnted
    • supporter
    • 199 posts
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    Ran into a couple of issues while testing this mod:

    -Crosshair doesn't get reenabled automatically after Blind effect ends.

    -Subtitles also stay disabled after Deaf effects ends.

    tested both after dispelling and waiting for the duration to end. I'm using a mostly unchanged SDR Game Setting Tweaks.ini, only added the following lines directly copy-pasted from the readme:

    SetNumericGameSetting iSDRsMovementRevamped 0; {1}, 0 disables

    SetNumericGameSetting iSDRsNightEyeInnate 2; {1} 0=none, 1=ability, 2=power

    SetNumericGameSetting iSDRsTestMode 1; {0}, 0=no change, 1=add, 2=remove
  11. kallekukhuve
    • member
    • 186 posts
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    I disabled all my mods to find why everybody was running so slowly, and i saw its this mod. and then i also found it on sdr.saebel.net when i was looking for it. then i have been looking for new mods, and i saw the UOP had a new release, and SDR also since may! so i installed them with wrye bash. today i was going to try it, but it hangs up and CTD in the first oblivion title menu. i am only using SDR the newest version and UOP the newest version. the problem is sdr.esp, when i deactivate that one it works. is it something with the .dll not working?
    1. kallekukhuve
      • member
      • 186 posts
      • 1 kudos
      cant delete comments