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  1. Yossarian22
    • supporter
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    Hey Phitt,

    your mailbox is full, so I can't write you. I plan to use some of your models in a Fallout New Vegas Mod. Of course I will give proper credits and add link to your mod. If you don't want this, please give me a notification and I'll try to find an alternative.


  2. Di0nysys
    • supporter
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    Hey Phitt, i'm not sure if ur still active, but i've recently used your Daedric assets from Sheogorad in creating The Deadlands for my project.
    Just wanted to drop in and show you. I will be crediting you and the team of people who helped make these assets.

    Thanks for making it a resource
  3. spartan117ce
    • member
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    Sad to see dead mods.
  4. David Brasher
    David Brasher
    • member
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    A file has been uploaded to go along with the one at this download point. It is: Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles Update

    The new mod works on filling up the Sheogorad Region with playable locations. It is built on the base of "Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA." The focus of this mod is turning the Sheogorad modders resource into a more fully playable mod for casual gamers.

    These are things the mod does:

    Removes reliance on console codes. You no longer use them to reach Morrowind and reach various interiors. All the doors that were found have been hooked up so that all the reasonably complete cells can be reached. To get to Morrowind you talk to a ship captain in Anvil.

    Adds creatures to incomplete dungeons that were lacking them and to the water and land of the entire Sheogorad Region and northern Ashlands Region.

    Autopathgrids the Sheogorad Region and begins to manually tweak and fine-tune it. Has started path-gridding some of the dungeons that weren't already path-gridded.

    Adds most of the NPCs to Dagon Fel.

    Puts proper loot in a fair number of containers.

    Adds a number of fully complete and playable dungeons.

    Fixes the worst problems with some existing dungeons and gets them closer to being fully complete and

    Fixes the regions and adds the ones in northern Morrowind other than Sheogorad which was already present.

    Fixes some problems with bad mesh and texture paths in the Sheogorad BSA and meshes and textures that were not included in the BSA.

    Various small tweaks and bugfixes made.

    It is a work in progress and there is still much to be done as time is found to work on it.
  5. David Brasher
    David Brasher
    • member
    • 4,927 posts
    • 474 kudos
    These meshes and textures are just so amazing! It must have taken forever to put this all together. Thank you very much!
  6. alegra0912
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    still alpha, arghhh
  7. Selene310187
    • member
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    @Moesr: Read the Sheogorad_Terms_Of_Use.txt in the archive, please.
  8. Moesr
    • member
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    The meshes and textures are resources right ?
  9. Tchos
    • member
    • 2,374 posts
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    @Wade: You need to teleport there using the console. Open the console, and type:
    coc XSDFHurgsHouseLvl
  10. wadestinson
    • member
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    I cant find where it is!!!!
    Can sombody help please