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Because a \'head butt\' from a 1000 lbs, 8ft tall, horned monster is something to take seriously.

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Minotaur Headbutt

Author: migck
Requirements: OBSE

A very simple mod that adds a script effect to the 'Head butt' spells from minotaurs and minotaur lords, for them to behave a bit more more like a brutal head butt and less like a generic spell.
It also removes the damage health and disintegrate armor effects from the spells, which is now done in the script. Use any script effect silencer mod you want for the head butt to actually look like a head butt and not like a flashy spell.

When a minotaur casts the head butt spell, his target will be thrown backwards, and if the target is you, your vision will become sickly blurry for some seconds afterwards. The force depends on the target's endurance, and his block skill if he was blocking (protip: if the minotaur prepares to cast, raise your shield!). If both sum up to 200 or more, the target resists the knockback.
AND the head butt will do damage to the target as if it were a normal melee attack from the minotaur, in addition to severely damaging your gear, or shield if you were blocking. I also tweaked the spells to be immune to absorb/reflect/silence.

So if you see horns, beware!

Known issues:

This mod has to change the two minotaur headbutt spells directly. Load after other mods changing those two spells (I don't know of any besides this one)

No fancy install/uninstall instructions, use at you will.