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Adds falling leaves to all the autumn type trees in the northern part of Cyrodiil.

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== Autumn Trees v1.1 ==

This mod adds Vacuity's falling leaves particle effects to the trees in the northern regions of Cyrodiil (the ones that look like autumn trees). I always thought Vacuity made a great effect there, but I haven't seen it used anywhere yet.

= Installation =

Put the 'meshes' and 'textures' folders as well as the 'PTAutumnTrees.esp' into your data folder and check the 'PTAutumnTrees.esp' in the launcher. If you want more or less falling leaves check the instructions below.

= Altering the amount of leaves =

In the archive is a folder called 'LEAF_FREQUENCY_VARIATIONS'. In this folder you will find 5 different frequencies of falling leaves, ranging from 0 (DISABLE, means no falling leaves) to 4 (ULTRA_HIGH, means crazy amount of falling leaves). Now you can pick a frequency for each type of tree and copy it over the nif in the meshes\VC\PTFallingLeaves folder. That way you can disable leaf effects for certain trees or increase/decrease frequency. The higher the frequency, the bigger the performance impact is obviously. By default the english oak has high frequency (since it is more spread out than the other trees) and all other trees have medium frequency.

= Compatibility and Bugs =

This mod places the particle effects directly so any mod that heavily alters the northern areas of Cyrodiil (by adding and most importantly removing trees) may conflict. This is probably mostly true for Unique Landscapes - Lush Woodlands and Unique Landscapes - Arrius Creek. The mod will still work however, but some trees might not be affected and if the author removed any trees then falling leaves may come out of nowhere. You just have to try, I don't think it will look bad even with UL loaded.

Due to the way particle effects work the leaves have no normal map and thus are not affected by fog. This may look a bit strange during a thunderstorm or foggy weather.

= Changelog =


- intital release


- added leaf effects to young trees and english oaks so the mod covers the whole northern part of Cyrodiil (transition area between green trees and snowy trees)
- added more leaf frequencies and the option to disable certain leaf types

= Credits =

Vacuity for his (her?) awesome falling leaves particle effects


= Permission =

The particle effects are a modder's resource made by Vacuity so if you use them give credits to Vacuity and not me! You can do with this esp whatever you want.