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Depths of the Underdark adds 53 cells in total, with a highly detailed and realistic labyrinth of underground passageways and locations to Oblivion.

Permissions and credits
Depths of The Underdark

The Underdark is an extremely dangerous labyrinth of underground passageways not seen by most. Those that do venture into the Depths of The Underdark usually do not return.

This is a dedication to R. A. Salvatore’s and his fantasy novels: The Icewind Dale Trilogy, The Dark Elf Trilogy, the Legacy of the Drow series books.

Any suggestions and / or constructive criticism are welcome and appreciated. Please also endorse Depths of The Underdark if you have enjoyed using it.

Description / Location
Depths of the Underdark adds 53 cells to Oblivion, yes 53 highly detailed cells all interconnected in a realistic manner! Even though I created this mod I still get lost in it at times...
- The Underdark
- The Underdark
- The Deep Underdark
- The Deep Underdark
- The Deep Underdark
- Menzoberranzan
- A Dark Elf Passageway
- The Arach-Tinilith
- House of Do'Urden
- House of Oblodra
- House of Agrach Dyrr
- House of Hun'ett
- House of Mizzrym
- House of DeVir
- House of Baenre
- House of Xorlarrin
- The Melee Magthere
- The Sorcere Tower
- A Dark Elf Observation Spire
- A Dwarven Mine
- An Old Dwarven Mine
- A Dwarven Outpost
- Mithril Hall
- Mithril Hall
- Mithril Hall's Core
- The Gutbuster Brigade Elite Guard Chamber
- A Dwarven Guard Chamber
- A Dwarven Hall
- A Dwarven Pub
- A Dwarven Blacksmith
- Mithril Hall's Throne Room
- A Hero's Estate
- The Hero's Estate Basement
- The Hero's Estate Guard Tower
- The Hero's Estate Vault
- An Underdark Grotto
- A Goblin Lair
- A Subterranean Outlet
- A Subterranean Stronghold
- The Stronghold Barracks
- The Stronghold Main Corridor
- The Kings Chamber
- The Stronghold Smith
- The Stronghold Smith's Basement
- The Stronghold Mage's Guild
- The Stronghold Merchant Quarters
- The Merchant Quarters Tent
- The Stronghold Adventurer's Supply
- The Happy Harpy
- The Stronghold Prison
- The Stronghold Rampart
- The Stronghold Storage Hold
- The Stronghold Service Corridor

- Manually added Pathnodes to make this companion / AI friendly.
- Personal player house located up the mountain North of the Imperial City along “The Orange Road”.
- Lots of non-re-spawning containers for storage.
- Beds to sleep on.
- The Underdark, a deep and dark labyrinth of underground passageways.
- 5 hidden entrances to The Underdark.
- 53 highly detailed cells in all.
- Lots of eye candy.

The Underdark entrance hints
- Don’t fall in the well…
- Down a gully from a house.
- In a pond on top of a mountain.
- In a Noble Crypt.
- In a river near a central city.

Oblivion Vanilla

1. Unzip or copy the "DoTheUnderdark.esp" file to your "\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data" install folder.
2. On the Oblivion load screen select "Data Files" and check the box for "DoTheUnderdark.esp" then click "OK".
3. Click "Play".

1. Remove any items or companions you have placed in Depths of The Underdark and move them outside any of its cells.
2. Save your game.
3. Remove the "DoTheUnderdark.esp" from your "\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data" install folder.

v1.0 12/17/2010 - Initial release.

Depths of The Underdark is completely underground except the included player house “A Hero's Estate”. The location of this player house may conflict with other player house mods. If you know of one that it does conflict with please let me know and I will note this conflict A.S.A.P.

No Oblivion objects are replaced or moved by this mod. It is a pet peeve of mine to load a mod only to gain floating rocks and trees and / or to see unintentionally moved doors or walls in areas not even part of the mod...sloppy...
I have made sure to the best of my ability that this does not happen with Depths of The Underdark. I have also cleaned Depths of The Underdark with TES4Edit to verify this, though I am for sure not a TES4Edit pro.

Known Issues or Bugs
- Lighting in The Underdark is a difficult thing. In lore The Underdark is pitch black, but doing it that way would lesson a persons experience of this mod. Lighting in The Underdark is a hard balance to accomplish in my opinion.
- Some very minor pathing / AI issues with creatures.
- You may find some tunnels that have minor seams that do not completely connect. I did my best to align all tunnels perfectly, it would be dishonest if I said I accomplished this perfectly however.

Future Plans (Time and ability permitting)
- Fix Known Issues
- Add NPC’s to Depths of The Underdark.
- Add more monsters to Depths of The Underdark.
- Add some quests that give you more incentive to explore the Depths of The Underdark.
- Possibly add a teleporter item to make traveling in the Depths of The Underdark a bit easier.
- Extend The Underdark even deeper...

Tools Used
TES CONSTRUCTION SET v1.2 - http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/file/TES_CONSTRUCTION_SET_v12;77390
TES4Edit - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11536
Paint.NET - www.paint.net/ (for screenshots)

Licensing / Legal
You must get my permission to modify this mod.

Special thanks to:
My beautiful wife and daughter, Lisa and Lilly, for all their patience with my hobbies.

Thanks to:
Bethesda Softworks - http://www.bethsoft.com/ for their awesome games and for including editors with them. :)

The Nexus Forums - http://www.thenexusforums.com/ for all the helpful info.

Thank you,

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