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===========Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts (W.E.P.O.N.)===========
By BFG, Spiney, and Kriscrash
Version 1.11, January 5, 2016

BFG: Mod idea and design; weapon stats and cleanup; new Cutter dialogue
Spiney: New Amber weapon meshes and textures; new Dumog gro Bonk dialogue
Kriscrash: New Madness weapon meshes and textures
Ionis: Additional texture support; Orcish and Mithril weapons
Windsurfer: Rusty Iron and Fine Iron textures
LordFrostcraig: Additional meshes and textures
InsanitySorrow: Collision correction work on all new Amber and Madness weapons
Zolotarev: French translation
Alea1: Russian translation
Bugged: German translation
The Unofficial Patch Team
The authors of TES4Edit
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) and its members for testing, feedback and encouragement

WEPON 1.11 for Oblivion and Shivering Isles
WEPON 1.11 for Oblivion Only
WEPON 1.11 for Oblivion and Shivering Isles (Vanilla fixes only)
WEPON 1.11 for Oblivion Only (Vanilla fixes only)
WEPON 1.03 for Oblivion and Shivering Isles (MOBS compatible)
WEPON 1.03 for Oblivion Only (MOBS Compatible)
WEPON 1.03 for Russian speakers
WEPON 1.03 for French speakers
WEPON 1.03 for German speakers

This mod significantly enhances the Oblivion experience by adding new Amber, Madness, Mithril, Orcish, Rusty Iron, and Fine Iron weapons to the worlds of Tamriel and the Shivering Isles. The authors took special care to ensure the new weapons would integrate seamlessly with the content already provided by Bethesda, or any of the major Oblivion mod overhauls.

• NEW! Cleanup of weapon fixes that are no longer needed now that they’ve been incorporated into the Unofficial Patches, or that had no in-game effects.
• NEW! Inclusion of the unreleased and incomplete WEPON 2 quest, which was intended to give the player access to yet more lore-friendly weapons and armor. (BFG99 needs experienced weapon, armor or environmental mesh/texture artists to complete the quest! Contact him on TESNexus if you’re interested.)
• Addition of the Madness Battle Axe, Warhammer, Mace, Shortsword, and Dagger to complete the Madness weapon set added by Shivering Isles, as well as new Madness Matrices to go with them.
• Addition of the Amber Battle Axe, War Axe, Claymore, Shortsword, and Dagger to complete the Amber weapon set added by Shivering Isles, as well as new Amber Matrices to go with them.
• A custom Amber Scimitar, a lighter and faster version of the Amber Longsword.
• Durable and Durable Magic versions of all Amber and Madness weapons, including those added by vanilla Shivering Isles.
• Custom dialogue for the Smiths in New Sheoth to go with the new features.
• A complete set of Mithril Weapons, higher-quality versions of the standard Silver weapons.
• A complete set of Orcish Weapons, including enchanted versions.
• Rusty Iron and Fine Iron Textures so that those weapons actually look Rusty or high quality in-game!
• An Easter egg weapon that hearkens back to earlier Elder Scrolls games, for the astute or just very lucky.
• Careful attention was paid so that the attributes of all the new weapons would seamlessly integrate with existing Bethesda or MOBS content.
• All weapon fixes added by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch and Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch are included. Additionally, over 100 mistakes in Bethesda weapon stats or leveled lists are fixed; none of these mistakes are addressed by any of the Unofficial Patches. Several hundred mistakes in the base version of MOBS also have been fixed. And, all meshes and textures have been optimized using the January 2016 versions of PyFFI and DDSOpt.
• Over 625 new weapons overall!

1. Decide which version of WEPON you wish to run. Several different versions exist, but only one can run at a time. In general, you have three decisions to make: whether to install a Shivering Isles compatible version, whether to install a MOBS compatible version, and whether to install a basic version that only makes fixes to vanilla content. Each one requires a different ESP file, but most of them use the same Data resources (textures, etc.). It should be evident from the descriptions on the download page where you can obtain the ESP file version that you want.
2. Copy all included files into your Oblivion\Data folder. (This is usually C:\Program Files\Bethesda\Oblivion\Data, or on 64-bit versions of Windows, C:\Program Files (x86)\ Bethesda\Oblivion\Data.)
3. If you are installing one of the vanilla versions of WEPON, sort your launch order so that “Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts” loads after Shivering Isles and the Unofficial Patches, but before most other content. If you are installing a MOBS compatible version, sort your launch order so that “Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts” loads immediately after all base MOBS, OMOBS, OOO, Francisco’s, or FCOM content.
4. Run the Oblivion Launcher from the Oblivion folder, click Data Files, and activate “Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts”. Then close the Oblivion Launcher.
5. Launch Oblivion, and enjoy!

Simply delete the ESP file and all associated content from your Bethesda\Oblivion\Data folder.

1. Where can I find the new weapons?
The new weapons are seamlessly integrated into the game. That means that you might find the new Orcish weapons in Ayleid ruins or wielded by bandits, or perhaps in a shop somewhere. (They start appearing a couple levels after Elven weapons do.) Mithril weapons are available for sale throughout Tamriel and the Shivering Isles, and Imperial City guards as well as all City Watch Captains carry them. But as with Fine Iron and Fine Steel weapons, you will NOT find them elsewhere. Amber and Madness weapons can be obtained from the Smiths in New Sheoth, provided you have the right materials.

2. Must I have Shivering Isles installed to use this mod?
While Shivering Isles is required for the full experience (i.e. to enjoy the new Amber and Madness weapons), a stripped-down version of this mod is available for those who only have Oblivion. That version of the mod still contains the Mithril and Orcish weapons, the Fine and Rusty Iron textures, and all of the weapon stat fixes that apply to Oblivion only. It can be downloaded from the same location as the full version. (This version also comes in vanilla and MOBS compatible flavors.)

3. Should I load this mod before/after mod XYZ? What have you done to minimize mod conflicts?
The vanilla versions of the mod should be loaded after Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and the Unofficial Patch for each (assuming you have them installed). The MOBS compatible versions should be loaded after the base MOBS, OMOBS, OOO, Francisco’s, or FCOM assets. The authors spent a huge amount of time checking this mod over multiple times and cleaning it with TES4Edit. As such, conflicts should be minimal.

4. What Bashed Patch tags should I use for this mod?
These are the recommended tags to use with this mod in your Wrye Bash patch. (These are valid for all versions of WEPON):
{Delev, Graphics, Invent, Names, Relev, Scripts, Stats}

5. Will you release an OMOBS compatible version?
OMOBS (Oscuro's MOBS) is slightly different from the base MOBS package, and is the version of MOBS used in OOO, Franciscos, and FCOM. At this time, we have no plans to release an OMOBS version of WEPON. This is because OMOBS does not cover most Shivering Isles content such as Amber and Madness weapons. The MOBS versions we have released should be “close enough” for OMOBS users.

6. What sort of statistics fixes did you make?
There is no way to describe briefly all the changes we made. We looked for cases where Bethesda or the MOBS team obviously screwed up, and fixed it. Everything, from incorrect icons and missing enchantments to weapons that were too heavy or too light – was examined. We also made changes to several Leveled Lists so that weapons that were supposed to be found in-game, but could not be, would now be available.
A complete list of the corrections made by this mod is included in the download.

7. What if I find a mistake?
If you find a mistake – either one that we made in the mod, or one that Bethesda made that you think should be added to the list of corrections in this mod – let the authors know! The best way to get ahold of them is to contact BFG99 via Private Message on TESNexus.

This mod supersedes the following mods. As such, you should uninstall or at least deactivate any of these if you have them installed:
• Mithril and Orcish Weapon Sets, by Ionis
• Mithril and Orcish Weapon Sets version 2, by Ionis
• Fine Weapons by Windsurfer
• Rusty Items by Windsurfer
Additionally, this mod has not been tested extensively with Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul (OOO), Fran’s (FCOM), or other such “major” mods. If you do encounter any conflicts with such content, please notify BFG or one of the other authors of this mod right away.

Version 1.11, January 5 2016
• Fixed a major error that could cause Oblivion to crash/close before it even got to the main menu.
• Fixed the texture path for the Rusty Bow so it looks correct in-game.

Version 1.10, January 4 2016
• Cleaned up WEPON to remove one “identical to master” dirty record, and weapon fixes that have since been incorporated into the various Unofficial Patches.
• Added non-weapon fixes from the Unofficial Patches where relevant.
• Removed fixes that had no in-game effect (specifically, staff reach) to increase mod compatibility.
• Added Mithril Bows to all Imperial City guards. It didn’t make sense for them to have Mithril Arrows and Longswords, but Fine Steel Bows.
• Included the unreleased and partially completed WEPON 2 quest that was going to give the player access to yet more lore-friendly weapons. The author, BFG99, could use experienced weapon, armor, or environmental mesh and texture artists to complete the quest! Contact him on TESNexus if you’re interested.

Version 1.03, December 30 2010
• Released a rescaled version of the Amber Scimitar. It should be much closer to the originally intended size now.
• Made several minor changes to the way this mod handles issues with vanilla Oblivion and Shivering Isles.

Version 1.02, November 26 2010
• Released Medieval Oblivion Balancing System (MOBS) compatible versions of WEPON.
• Fixed several minor weapon stat mistakes made in all versions of WEPON 1.01, particularly on enchanted Orcish weapon charges.

Version 1.01, November 6 2010
• Fixed an issue with the wrong Cutter or Dumog dialogue playing in some cases.
• Fixed an issue that prevented some Amber weapons from being glossy like they were supposed to be.

Version 1.00, November 6 2010
• Initial release.