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Last updated at 21:03, 31 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 13:12, 6 Nov 2010

Name: Bullet Cam - a 1st person Camera that follows your bullet
Author: vipcxj

At first, please sorry for my poor English

1.OBSE 0019 or higher, download link: http://obse.silverlock.org/
2.Oblivion v1.2.0.416

The Bullet-Cam doesn't work under the God-Mode. Because the bullet-cam is triggered by detecting the change of the num of the arrows in player's package.

Version: 6.2
1. Remove a redundant code appeared in version 6.1 which caused frequent CTD.

Version: 6.1
1. List some solution for solving the loading bug. If the loading bug appeared on your computer frequently, you can set the parameters: fOptimalDistance and fMaxDistance in the file "VipCxj_BulletCamera.ini" to smaller values.
2. Add some new parameters to "VipCxj_BulletCamera.ini". Now you can control the time multiplier when arrow shooting and shooted respectively
or how fast the camera come bach in smooth mode. You can find more details in "VipCxj_BulletCamera.ini".

Version: 5.0
1. Fix a serious bug: If the arrows run out and you trigger the bullet-cam when you fire the last arrow, a script error happens and the bullet-cam will never be triggered. Now it has been fixed.

Version: 4.0
1. Fix a bug: When the bullet camera works, the arrow is missing under first person camera if you don't use the "Ultimate 3rd Person Camera" mod(I am using it~~~). Now it has been fixed.
2. Fix a serious bug: The loading screen appears sometimes after a very long distance of shooting. Now it has been fixed, too.
3. Improve the angle setting of the bullet cam. Now the angles of the camera will also fallow the arrow instead of persistant initial angle.

Version: 3.0
1.Fix a serious bug: if the arrow hits the ground, the camera will be reset after a long priod of time. Now it has been fixed.

Version: 2.0
1. Add a short cut key. Through it, you are able to reset the camera whenever you want, especialy when the Error Happened. The default key is "alt + Home". You can change it in the file "VipCxj_BulletCamera.ini".
2. Add a switch which you can use it to open or close the bullet-camera system. By clicking the object "Bullet Camera" among the MiscItem, you can find it in the messagebox generated by the object.

Version: 1.0
This mod will give you a new visual feast. In a relatively non-intrusive way, after you've shot an arrow, the POV will follow the arrow forward towards its target. You can witness the moment of death in all its glory (assuming your arrow makes it to the intended target). If not, your regular perspective view will be immediately restored. The installation pack is included with the demo video. And you can also find the demo under the link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjIwNDczMzk2.html
The conditions to trigger bullet-cam are as follows:
1. There are no hostiles within a 300unit distance from the player (seen and unseen).
2. There are no hostile targets that have detected the player within a 1000unit distance.

As a conclusion, before you start any battle by shooting an arrow, be sure that the conditions stated above have been fufilled, that way it will trigger the bullet-cam. After the battle has begun, be sure to maintain your distance away from the enemy or make them "lose" you again in order to trigger the bullet-cam once more. This is a great way to prevent interruptions to the bullet-cam. (i.e. an enemy is up in your face and you are unprepared for melee combat). This will make your battles more exhilarating and suspenceful! Enjoy!
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This mod is balanced and is not intended as a cheat or god-mod.

This mod has no known conflicts, and supports Nehrim.

1. Bethesda
2. OBSE group