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Added: 28/10/2010 - 07:47PM
Updated: 02/11/2010 - 12:23PM

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Last updated at 12:23, 2 Nov 2010 Uploaded at 19:47, 28 Oct 2010

== Mudwater v1.2 ==

This mod adds an Argonian village called Mudwater to the Blackwood Forest. The village is made almost completely from new meshes and comes with four quests. The quests are rather short, but they are hopefully fun - there is much more to see than just the village.

German version now available, for link see 'mirrors' tab.
Deutsche Version jetzt erhältlich, für den Link bitte auf 'Mirrors' klicken.

Danke an DarkRuler 2500 für's Übersetzen!

= Installation =

ATTENTION: If you have v1.0 installed and if you've been to the village already (and if you saved afterwards) you need to do the following to update to v1.2:

1. Uncheck PTMudwater.esp so the mod doesn't load
2. Load a savegame and save again.
3. Install the update and check the new PTMudwater.esp
4. Play - unfortunately you will need to do all the quests again. This was the only way to make the mod compatible with KotN and I apologize for it. But I had to move a persistent ref (load door to the old mine) for the update.

If you've downloaded for the first time or if you already had v1.1 correctly installed simply put the PTMudwater.esp from this archive and PTMudwater.bsa into your Oblivion\Data folder. If asked whether you want to overwrite choose 'yes'. Check the esp in the launcher. The village is located between Onyx Caverns and Fort Teleman, near the border to Black Marsh.

= Requirements =

You should have Elys Universal Silent Voice installed, otherwise you will not be able to read the dialogue.

= Compatibility =

The only mod that is currently known to be incompatible is 'The Forgotten Realm'

I made sure that I didn't alter any cells occupied by UL mods (including planned mods). I altered as few cells as possible, there shouldn't be many mods that conflict. In my load order at least is no conflicting mod and I have most major quest mods loaded (like Lost Spires, Ayleid Steps, Kragenir, Integration and others).

= Changelog =


- initial release


- made the mod fully compatible with Knights of the Nine
- added more hints/easier maps to the Treasure Hunt quest
- added a hint to the 2nd dream sequence of the Solid Thoughts quest so you (hopefully) know what to do without a walkthrough
- fixed spelling error in a quest update of the Civilization quest
- fixed faulty texture path for two of the large mushrooms in the dream sequence
- slightly decreased the volume of the Rainforest sounds around the village
- fixed a minor annoyance in the Treasure Hunt quest were upon finding the treasure the quest update was hidden behind the inventory menu


- made sure that if KotN is loaded no enemies (who may attack and kill the villagers) will spawn outside the fort added by KotN

= Credits =

The Magician for the Shrieking Bolete creatures

= Permission =

The assets provided by this mod can be used as modders resources. That means you can use them in your own mods without asking me. All I'm asking for are credits if you do. And please do not upload altered versions of the esp file.