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More and better hotkeys!

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========= Enhanced Hotkeys 2.3.1 ============

Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date:Sept 21, 2011
OBSE 19b (or newer) required, OBSE 20 recommended.
MenuQue 6 (or newer) required for better hotkey meny fonts and Wheel HUD icon only.

========= Enhances hotkey functionality by giving you more and better hotkeys!

* Assign items up to 40 hotkeys, with up to 4 'wheels' for a total of up to 160 hotkeys!
* You can freely decide the number of hotkeys (max 40), and the layout of the hotkey menu.
* Freely assign any keyboard button or mouse button to any hotkey.
* Allows auto-casting of spells. Cast one or more spells by tapping a hotkey, without changing your current spell.
* Assign more than one item to the same hotkey, for cycling through the items or casting them all at the same time (if spells).
* Use hotkey buttons or mouse wheel to cycle through items.
* All 40 hotkeys and their bound items can be viewed and easily changed.
* Will equip all arrows of a type if bound to a hotkey.
* Has special hotkey items for unequipping any weapon, or equipping bow+arrows.
* Has gear hotkey items for equipping many items by one hotkey tap.
* Improved User Interface.

========= More hotkeys

The hotkey menu now has been increased to a grid of up to 40 visible keys. See them in the menu, and add/use them like any other hotkey.
You can freely set the dimension of the grid, ex: 8x5, 10x4, or if you don't need 40 keys, smaller dimensions like 6x4 or maybe only 2x5. The dimension is controlled by row and column settings in the ini.

The keyboard key or mouse button bound to a hotkey can be freely configured by simply control-clicking on the hotkey's displayed keyboard key. The displayed key will then blink until you tap a keyboard key, which will then be bound to that hotkey. When blinking, just click the mouse anywhere to cancel the change, and tap Backspace to remove the keyboard key for that hotkey. See Mouse button hotkeys section below for binding and using mouse buttons as hotkeys.

When in the Inventory/Magic menu, tapping any of the up to 40 hotkeys will open the hotkey menu, with the key you pressed being selected. Switch selected hotkey by either tapping a new hotkey button, or by mouse clicking on the another hotkey's icon. The wheel stays open until you tap the key for the selected hotkey again.

========= Mouse button hotkeys

Enhanced Hotkeys allows you to bind the mouse buttons to hotkeys. To do that, control-click as explained above to change hotkey configuration, but then hold down control (configurable) and press a mouse button instead of a keyboard button. The blinking hotkey name will now change to lm, mm or rm for the left, middle or right mouse buttons, or m3-m7 for the additional 5 mouse buttons. Since the three main mouse buttons are used for other purposes by the game, you can set EH up to only use them as hotkeys when 'X' (configurable) or a wheel selector key is pressed, and/or to disable the normal function for the mouse buttons when those keys are pressed. See ini file for more details.

========= Multiple wheels

Enhanced Hotkey supports up to 4 different wheels, controlled by configurable wheel selector keys. The wheel can be set to be sticky (you switch wheels by tapping the wheel-selector keys), or non-sticky (you hold down the specific wheel-selector key for that wheel when tapping the hotkey).

There are two different sticky wheel modes. One mode where you only have only one wheel-selector key for all wheels, and tapping this changes to the next wheel, and another mode where you have one wheel-selector key per wheel, and you tap the correct key to switch to that wheel.

If having sticky wheels, a Wheel icon in the HUD can display the active wheel number. The wheel icon is fully configurable in the ini, including its size, position, opaqueness and how long it is displayed after a wheel switch. MenuQue v 3 (or newer) is required for the Wheel HUD icon.

When the wheel is open in the Inventory/Magic menu, the active wheel number is displayed in the top area of the wheel. Click on that wheel display to switch wheel.

========= Multiple items bound to one hotkey

When the wheel is open, you can add more items to one hotkey by simply clicking on multiple items in the Inventory/Spell menu. The text above the hotkey wheel will display hotkey mode, the name of the last added item and the number of items added to the hotkey.

To view which items that are bound to a hotkey, hold down left Ctrl (configurable) and click on the hotkey's item icon. The icon will then switch to the one for the next item bound to the hotkey, and the text above the wheel will display that item's name and its position in the hotkey. Repeat this to cycle through all items in the hotkey. This has no ingame effect, but is simply a way to easily see the multiple items bound to the key, and their order.

You can delete the viewed item from a hotkey by clicking on the Delete button (the 'X') in the hotkey menu. You can move it one step forward in the order by clicking on the Move left button (the '<-') in the hotkey menu.

========= Different hotkey modes

A hotkey can have one of several modes. To switch mode for a hotkey, click on the hotkey's icon. That will make the hotkey switch between the different hotkey modes, but only the modes that are applicable for the items bound to that hotkey. The following modes are applicable:
* Normal: Single item of any type
* Auto cast: Single spell/scroll
* Cycler-Next: Multiple items of any type
* Cycler and Cycler-Last: Multiple equippable items and/or spells
* Multi cast: Multiple spells/scrolls

If a hotkey is set to any mode other than normal, the top right area for that hotkey will display a letter indicating the mode, followed by the number of items (if more than one), and the text above the hotkey menu will display mode the mode and number of items as well.

The functionality of the different modes are:
* Normal: As an unmodded hotkey, with two exceptions:
- - An item you no longer possess will not be removed from the hotkey. Instead, the hotkey icon will be dimmed, making it easy to see that the hotkey cannot currently be used. So if you have bound your repair hammers to a hotkey and then break all repair hammers, the hotkey will start work again as soon as you acquire new repair hammers.
- - Arrows bound to a hotkey will equip all arrows of that type and not only one when the key is used.

* Auto cast: Will switch to that spell, cast it, and then instantly switch back to your old spell. In effect cast the spell without making it active. If the item is a scroll, that scroll is selected, then cast.

* Multi cast: Same as Auto cast, but will cast multiple spells/scrolls in the set's order by one tap of the hotkey.

* Cycler: Will select one item/spell in the set, and activate that. Which item that is selected is dependent on Cycler mode (see below).

========= Cycler hotkeys

When multiple items are added to one single hotkey, the hotkey becomes a cycler hotkey.

Default cycle mode is (auto) Cycle. Click on the hotkey's icon to switch between three cycler modes. When you do that, the top right area for that hotkey will display C#, L# or N# (where # being the number of items) to indicate cycler mode for that hotkey . The functionality of the cycler modes are:

* Cycler (auto): If an item in the cycler is currently active (equipped item or selected spell), the next after that will be selected. If none are active, the first will be selected.
* Cycler-Last: If an item in the cycler is currently active (equipped item or selected spell), the next after that will be selected. If none are active, the last activated by the hotkey will be activated again.
* Cycler-Next: The last activated item by the hotkey is remembered, and the next after that will be selected, regardless of whether any is currently active.

If you define a key for cycleBackKey in the ini file, the cycler will select items in backwards order when this key is held down. You can also enable mouse wheel support in the ini, and use the mouse wheel to cycle forwards or backwards.

Note that since Cycler (auto) and Cycler-Last looks for currently equipped item/active spell in order to determine which item to cycle to, they cannot be selected if such an item has been added to the hotkey. The hotkey is then locked to Cycler-Next.

When the wheel is open in the Inventory/Spell menu, hold down left Ctrl (configurable) and click on the hotkey icon, to cycle between the different items bound to that hotkey. This has no effect on the hotkey or the order of the items, but it will let you easily see the items bound to that key. The item you currently view is the item that will be affected by the Delete or Move item functions (see Hotkey command buttons below).

========= Auto cast hotkeys

If a single spell or scroll is bound to a hotkey, clicking on that hotkey icon will toggle the hotkey between Normal and Auto cast. If a hotkey is Auto cast, tapping the hotkey button will cast the spell/scroll without changing your active spell. The top right area for that hotkey will display "A" for Auto cast hotkeys.

You can also use auto cast for multiple spells/scrolls bound to the same hotkey. Add the spells/scrolls to the same hotkey as for cyclers. When switching cycler mode, if all the items bound to a hotkey are spells, a fourth mode will be available: Multi Cast. The top right area for that hotkey will display "M#" for a Multi Cast key. When the hotkey is tapped during gameplay, all the spells bound to the key will be cast in turn, without changing your active spell.

If one spell in a Multi Cast cannot be cast (not enough mana, too high level) that spell is simply bypassed, going to the next on the list, etc. You can cancel the multi cast sequence by tapping the normal cast key, or by starting another auto/multi cast.

You can bind multiple instances of the same spell to a Multi Cast key. Adding the same Healing spell 3 times, will make you cast that spell 3 times by a single tap of the hotkey.

========= Gear hotkeys

Enhanced Hotkey provides two special gear hotkey items that can be bound to a hotkey. To use them, first add the gear hotkey item, then add any items you want equipped by activating the gear hotkey item (thus creating a Cycler-Next with the gear hotkey item as one of the cycler's items). When activating that gear hotkey item, Enhanced Hotkey will equip all equippable items after it in the cycler, and stop when reaching an object type that cannot be equipped and is not a spell/scroll, or the last item in the cycler.

There are two different Gear hotkey items. The first, "Gear Equip", will equip the items belonging to the gear. The second, "Gear Equip + Unequip", will do the same, and then unequip any remaining equipped items that didn't belong to the gear.

Ex: A cycler has: Gear Equip, Sword, Helmet, Boots. Tapping the hotkey will ensure that the three items get equipped. Switching the cycler to having "Gear Equip + Unequip" will equip the same three items, but otherwise leave you naked.

Ex: A cycler-next has: Gear Equip, Sword, Helmet, Boots, Gear Equip + Unequip, Robe, Shoes. Tapping the hotkey once, will equip the Sword, Helmet and Boots, but otherwise keep your other equipped items. Tapping the hotkey again, will equip Robe and Shoes, and unequip all other items.

========= Special hotkey items

Enhanced Hotkey provides three other special hotkey items that can be bound to a hotkey. Two of them are weapon un-equippers that will un-equip your current weapon. So if you have a cycler with Blade, Bow, Un-equipper, using this cycler will make you cycle between equipping the blade, equipping the bow, and going hand-to-hand. One of the weapon un-equippers keeps any arrows you have equipped, while the other also unequips arrows.

The third special hotkey item is a Bow + Arrow equipper. For this item to work, a bow must be added just after it (in a cycler hotkey), and after the bow you must add one or more arrow types. When the Bow is Equipped by tapping this hotkey, the first arrow type after it which is currently in your inventory, will also be equipped.

Ex: A cycler has: Blade, Bow+Arrow-equipper, Bow, Silver Arrows, Steel Arrows, Staff. 1st hotkey tap will equip the blade. Second hotkey tap will equip the bow - but will also equip your silver arrows if you have that, alternatively steel arrows. Third hotkey tap will equip the staff.

If a cycler has: Bow+Arrow-equipper, Bow and one or more arrows, but no other items, tapping the hotkey when the bow is not equipped, will equip bow and arrows. Tapping it when the bow is equipped, will uneqip the bow, but not touch your arrows.

The special hotkey items are found as special buttons on the top right of the hotkey menu.

========= Hotkey command buttons

In the top left area of the hotkey menu, there are a number of hotkey command buttons. Those are "Move item", Delete Item", "Undo last change" and "Wheel switcher" buttons. The latter is explained above (that lets you switch wheel while it is open). The three first do the following:

* Move item:
Will move the viewed item of the selected cycler/multi cast hotkey one position earlier in the group. So if you have a cycler hotkey with 1. Sword, 2. Bow, 3. Staff, and the Staff is viewed, clicking on the Move item button once will make the order 1. Sword, 2. Staff, 3. Bow.
The Move item button is only visible if the viewed item is not the first item in its hotkey group.

* Delete item:
Will delete the viewed item of the selected hotkey. So if you have a cycler hotkey with 1. Sword, 2. Bow, 3. Staff, and the Bow is viewed, clicking on the Delete item button once will make the order 1. Sword, 2. Staff. If the item only has one item, the hotkey will be cleared.
The Delete item button is visible if the selected hotkey has one or more items.

* Undo last change:
Clicking on the undo button will undo the last change to a hotkey, but only as long as the current key set of the current wheel has not been changed/closed. Any single Add/Delete item, Change mode or Move item change can be undone - and the Undo change can be Undone as well. So multiple clicking will toggle the last change on/off.
The Undo button is only visible if having done a change after opening the wheel or changing wheel/keyset.


Enhanced Hotkeys is compatible with all User Interface mods. Just ensure that Enhanced Hotkey's version of quickkeys_menu.xml overwrites any installed by Darnified UI or other UI mods.
Enhanced Hotkeys is also compatible with mods that use one or more of the keyboard keys for other purposes. Just don't bind that keyboard key as a hotkey, or unbind it if bound by default.

Enhanced Hotkeys does not use Oblivion.esm as master and is fully compatible with Nehrim and other total conversion mods.

Enhanced Hotkeys is probably NOT compatible with any other hotkey mod, but should be fully compatible with mods that adds (clutter) items that work similar to hotkeys. If you want more advanced gear hotkeys than Enhanced Hotkeys provides, install Fast Equipping and assign its gear clutter items to hotkeys.

Partial incompatibility with Supreme Magicka has been reported, but not confirmed. SM has special handling of Summon spells, so if you bind summon spells to Auto Cast/Multi Cast keys when using SM, it causes lockup for some players. If this happens with SM installed, avoid binding Summon spells to Auto Cast/Multi cast hotkeys.

Partial incompatibility with Audacious Magery has been reported. If using Auto Cast/Multi Cast spells, AM may not be fast enough, and think that wrong spell is cast, and make incorrect decision about spell penalties. In this case, edit the preCastDelay/postCastDelay settings in Enhanced Hotkey's ini file.


The mod is OMOD-ready, so installing with OBMM will ensure that you get correct setup. It is also BAIN friendly, so using OBMM or BAIN is recommended. For manual install, extract the archive, and copy Enhanced Hotkeys.esp and all folders except "omod conversion data" to your Oblivion/Data folder.

If un-installing Enhanced Hotkeys, two special step must be taken after having disabled Enhanced Hotkeys.esp:

* First, make 100% sure that the version of "Menus\Main\quickkeys_menu.xml" that Enhanced Hotkeys installs, gets uninstalled. If using OBMM to install/uninstall, OBMM will not remove this file if you already had the file installed with another mod (like DarkUI), so you must then delete this file manually. If you delete the unique xml files Enhanced Hotkeys installs, but not this, you will get a CTD when trying to load any savegame.

* Seondly, Enhanced Hotkey works by changing the 8 hotkeys defined in Oblivion.ini. So after uninstallation, the hotkey definition in Oblivion.ini must be changed bacl to to keyboard buttons 1-8. You can do this in one of three way:
1. Download the EH Uninstallation zip file and unzip the contents (one txt file without any .txt tag, named EHuninstall) to your Oblivion (not Oblivion/data) folder. Then, start up your game, open the console and type RunBatchScript EHuninstall. This option will not always work, as Oblivion sometimes fail to actually save the changes in the ini file.
2. Open your Oblivion.ini file (in the My Documents\My Games\Oblivion folder), and change the Quick1-Quick8 lines to:

3. Delete your Oblivion.ini file (in the My Documents\My Games\Oblivion folder). Oblivion will then create a new, default when starting the game.

========= CREDITS

The OBSE team for OBSE - an absolutely necessary tool for this mod
kyoma for MenuQue, a powerful OBSE plugin for handling menu/hud elements
shadeMe for ConScribe, which is just necessary when debugging
skyranger-1 for Super Hotkeys, which was my main inspiration

========= CHANGELOG

* Removed Oblivion.esm dependece that got accidentally added in an earlier version
* Recognizes and ensures compatibility with Unnecessary Violence II

* Added a second sticky wheel mode, where you have one key per wheel, and switches to that wheel by tapping the key.
* Added a mouseWheelDirection setting, when set to 1 makes the mousewheel cycle hotkey items in opposite direction.
* Enhanced Hotkeys now set fVanityModeWheelMult to 0 when mousewheel cycling is enabled, to prevent zooming in/out in 3rd person when using this.
* Fixed a minor bug with auto cyclers and bow+arrow hotkey items.

* Allow backwards cycling through hotkeys by holding down a new modifier key, cycleBackKey.
* Added mouse wheel support, where you can use the mouse wheel to cycle forward or backwards through cycler hotkeys.
* Added a separate ini file that holds keyboard bindings, letting you easily set up your preffered hotkey layout.
* Added a help popup system when the hotkey menu is open (with ini file setting to control it).
* Reversed the need for holding down left control when adding items to a hotkey (and added an ini setting that lets you change it back).
* Improved gear hotkey stability.
* Removed the delKey (to delete an item from a hotkey), since the delete button does this easier.
* A few minor fixes.

* Fixed bug that made hotkeys not work properly with misc items.
* Reverting the 2.1 improvement of hotkey menu opening ingame (as that was the cause of the above bug)
* Improved 3rd-person quiver to display even further (should display full quiver correctly in all cases now).

* Added the ability to use mouse buttons as hotkeys
* Changed Bow+Arrow hotkey item to now need to be added before the bow, instead of between bow and arrows
* Added two gear hotkey items that will equip a full gear by one hotkey tap
* Made poisons work directly from hotkeys
* Added setting to only display the last (equip/activate) message when fast-tapping cyclers
* Fixed 3rd-person quiver to display more than one arrow when equipping through hotkey (in almost all cases)
* Improved timing of opening of the hotkey menu in gamemode
* Fixed bug where default key assignment weren't cleared if your first use of EH 2.x was with less than 30 keys per wheel

* Completely changed the hotkey wheel to a fully configurable hotkey menu that can display up to 40 hotkeys at once!
* Allow full in-game configuration of keyboard to hotkey mapping
* Removed special hotkey items from your inventory, and made them buttons in the hotkey menu instead
* Added a new special hotkey item for removing weapon+arrows
* Fixed a bug that could cause repeated cast of the old spell if interrupting a multi cast by tapping the cast key
* Added more debug messages to the bow+arrow feature
* Removed some unwanted debug messages

* Added special hotkey items (weapon un-equipper and bow+arrow equipper).
* You can now use non-cast hotkeys during a auto/multi cast
* You can now interrupt a multi cast by pressing the normal cast key (C), or by tapping an auto/multi cast hotkey
* The original spell is now activated between each cast during a multi cast
* Removed check for too little mana during auto/multi cast, to ensure compatibility with uncapper mods
* Added function to allow compatibility with kuertee's Inventory is a backpack mod

* Added possibility of seeing hotkey wheel in gamemode (hold down a hotkey)
* Scrolls can now be bound to Auto cast / Multi cast keys
* Added option of whether to see Cast messages when using Auto cast or Multi cast
* Removed incorrect icon from cast message (now always displays standard Oblivion icon)
* Changed code to allow more keys as wheel modifier keys (numeric keys, etc.)
* Changed how waiting for each individual multi-cast spell work. This should fix multi-cast problem for some users

* Added buttons for Delete (item from hotkey), Move (item earlier in Cycler/Multi cast group) and Undo (last hotkey change)
* Numpad keys can now be used as non-sticky wheel selector keys (they could be used for sticky already).
* The Wheel HUD icon is changed to use MenuQue for its display. This fixes the Streamline incompatibility
* Fixed OBMM installation script

* The wheel number will now be displayed when the wheel is open. You can also change wheel without closing it, by clicking on the wheel number display.
* A new wheel number icon can be displayed in the HUD if sticky wheels are enabled.
* There is now an option to not display any message when weapon/arrows/armor/clothing is (un)equipped using a hotkey. If the message is displayed, equipping arrows will display the number of arrows equipped in addition to their name, and selecting a spell will display its name.
* There is an option for setting the position of the open wheel.
* The message saying "Cast " when Auto/Multi Casting spells will now use the normal Oblivion icon.
* Fixed one OMOD installation script bug

* Addition of 10 letters and 10 numpad keys as fully functioning hotkeys.
* Reduced the number of wheels from 6 to 4.
* Changed behaviour of sticky wheels. You now use one key to cycle between all the wheels.
* Switched default modifier keys for hotkey mode switching (now only a click) and icon cycling (now ctrl-click)
* Various bugfixes and improvements. Most important was that the one that would make the mod stop working if trying to use a Cycler-Last hotkey.
* Added Omod installation script

* Various bugfixes. Most important was that the mod could stop working, especially if using key 8. This is hopefully fixed now.
* Added Multi-cast option. Now you can cast multiple spells with one key.
* The icon for equipments not in your inventory will now be dimmed.

* Initial version