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Restores the shaders that skeletons use, which were scrapped by Bethesda before release. Now you can tell a skeleton champion from a skeleton guardian from the looks of it.

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In the game, Skeleton champions, heroes and guardians all have a scripted ability supposed to play a shader effect, different on each of them. However, the scripts that play these shaders are all commented out with some ; symbols. The result? All skeletons have a spell that does nothing, with attached scripts that are only 32 bytes of leftover data, and the shaders designed to be played by these scripts are left unused

This mod basically uncomments the SkeletonChampionScript, SkeletonGuardianScript and SkeletonHeroScript found in Oblivion.esm, so that they can play their shader on those skeletons. Guardians will appear reddish-brown, heroes will be paler, and champions will appear to be covered in a ghostly aura. You will be able to tell what kind of skeleton you are seeing without getting dangerously close.

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