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Adds Da Mage\'s gloves to Calindil\'s merchandise at the Mystic Emporium, instead of \"integrating\" them onto all robe-wearing NPCs via an (unrealistic) script

Permissions and credits
Jov's Mages Gloves v1

Mod details/background:

One of the things that always really bothered me about Oblivion was the total absence of cloth gloves from the game world.
They had been in Morrowind, and there didn't seem to be any legitimate reason for them to be absent in Oblivion.

So, I searched the Net for a mod to add them, but, surprisingly, even though it's been nearly four and a half years since release, I only found eight results.

Having a strong preference to mods that preserve the lore and balance of the gameworld, I only found one that really appealed to me: Da Mage's 'Mage Gloves Integrated'.

His mod adds basic, good-looking gloves to match almost every pre-existing robe in the game (11 varieties).

However, there was something about his mod that I didn't like, which prevented me from wanting to install it.
As indicated by his mod's title, it "integrates" the gloves using a script, so that every time you entered a cell with an NPC who wears a robe, there would be a 50/50 chance of them having the appropriate gloves on.

I had a couple immersion-related problems with this:

Scenario 1) Imagine you are in the lobby of the Imperial University, and there are some mages in the room with you who are wearing gloves.
You leave, but immediately realize you've forgotten something, and re-enter. Suddenly, their gloves are off! Why did they take them off?
You leave and re-enter, and their gloves are on again? What is going on here!?

Scenario 2) You want to collect gloves from a robe-wearing NPC, which will require you to kill them, but they are not wearing any. So you leave and re-enter the cell until they are wearing gloves.

Both of those scenarios are unrealistic and immersion-breaking. So, I took Da Mage's nice gloves, and plopped them down in Calindil's inventory at the Mystic Emporium.

Since they are now vendor items, I also adjusted the prices to make them balanced:

• Tattered Gloves - 10 GP
• Tan Gloves - 25 GP
• Grey Gloves - 25 GP
• Black Gloves - 25 GP
• Green Gloves - 25 GP
• Aqua Silk Gloves - 100 GP
• Red Silk Gloves - 100 GP
• Mage's Gloves (Blue) - 50 GP
• White Mage's Gloves - 75 GP
• Arch-Mage's Gloves - 500 GP
• Necromancer's Gloves - 1000 GP (Due to the controversial, and possible illegal nature of the item)

Complete list of changes from Da Mage's Mage Gloves Integrated:

• Fixed a typo. Previously Red Silk Gloves appeared in-game as "Red Slik Gloves"
• Removed all scripts and addition of gloves to NPCs. For better or worse, no NPCs will wear gloves.
• Added gloves to Calindil's merchandise at the Mystic Emporium
• Made gloves weigh a more reasonable 2 lbs instead of 1 lb (compare to vanilla hoods, which weigh 4 lbs)
• Adjusted prices to make them more appropriate as merchandise
• Calindil now buys and sells clothing. This actually fits really well, because he already has enchanted clothing on display in his store

Compatibility and bugs:

This mod simply adds the gloves via a new hidden vendor chest, so it should be fully compatible with anything and bug-free.

All texture and mesh credit goes to Da Mage, obviously. This is just an altered re-release of his work.