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Immersive Interiors adds new found realism to the game, allowing you to see out of the interior windows. This means you can be in the local pub staring out of the window at the town around you, or watch the sun set behind the city walls.

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Notice: This mod is entirely my work, and therefore only I upload it and modify it. Under absolutely no circumstances does this mod get uploaded to a site other than the TESNexus, be it the description, images or files. This is my work, please respect that.

New: Optional landscape addon created by Gruftikus. Check it out!

== What is Immersive Interiors? ==

Let's face it, we all like Oblivion to be immersive. Some of us just like a bit more realism, others like to add tons of mods which change how the game works in order to make it as immersive as possible. One thing that's a real let down in vanilla Oblivion are interiors. They look great, but day or night, rain or shine, they always have the same level of light inside them. This, to me, was extremely un-immersive.

All Naturals spectacular Natural Interiors came along, which allowed you to see through the windows of interiors, and the light levels and weather depended on the weather and time of day outside. This added a lot of realism. But you still had a simple problem. Every time you looked out of the window, you saw a void. Nothing. This mod looks to change that.

Immersive Interiors aims to bring huge amounts of immersion into the game. By using All Natural's superb interior weather system, this mod adds new found realism to the game, allowing you to see out of the interiors windows. This means you can be in the local pub, staring out of the window at the town around you, or watch the sun set behind the city walls out of your home's bedroom window.

This mod is released in stages, city by city. This is the current release plan. Strikethrough indicates a released version, bold indicates the current WIP. Note that this is not modular, for example version 0.5 will contain both Anvil and Skingrad.

0.4 - Anvil
0.5 - Skingrad
0.6 - Chorrol
0.7 - Bruma
0.8 - Cheydinhal
0.9 - Leyawiin
1.0 - Bravil

After a cup of tea and a nice rest, the Imperial City will then follow a separate release scheme:

1.1 - IC Market District
1.2 - IC Temple District
1.3 - IC Talos Plaza District
1.4 - IC Elven Gardens District
1.5 - IC Waterfront
1.6 - Arcane University

== Requirements ==
All Natural - This controls the weather and has the special transparent window meshes. Requires OBSE.

For questions on performance, compatibility and to see the FAQ, check the readme included in the package.

== Legal ==

You may edit or change this mod for personal use. You may not claim credit for it in any way, either unchanged or modified. If you want to create a mirror or alternative download page then I would appreciate you contact me first.

If you're a modder and are interested in creating any compatibility patches, please PM me either here or on the Bethesda Game Studios forums. If you're looking to translate this mod, send me a PM. I'll get back to you ASAP, and add you as a mirror if you wish.