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About this mod

This is just a little plugin that will tell you whether or not OBSE is installed correctly on your computer.

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OBSE Test Plugin v1.1
By PatOLoughlin

What this mod does

This is just a quick little .esp to make sure that OBSE is working correctly and the game is able to call functions provided by OBSE. This mod will let you know:

Whether OBSE is working or not
Your OBSE version you have installed
Tips for getting OBSE to work

Loading this mod will run a script that will detect whether OBSE is currently running or not. Several people complain of one of their mods not working, being broken, et cetera. Usually the problem is on their end. If you have doubts about your OBSE installation, this mod will let you know if there's a problem.

Version History

Version 1 (8/4/10)
Initial version

Version 1.1 (8/5/10)
-added a messagebox telling players OBSE wasn't working
-added tips to get OBSE working
-players can now see which version of OBSE they have