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Compatibility Patch between Star X Vanilla Vampires Revised And Vampire Hunting Order of Virtuous Blood.

Permissions and credits
Mod: Starx vanilla vampires Meets Vampire Hunting-Order of Virtuous Blood
Game: TES IV: Oblivion
Requires: Shivering Isles
Author: Khamuy
Release Date: 08/07/10


Forgive my English and be patient, this is not my mother language.

1. Information on the Mod

This mod makes compatible the mods :

Star x Vanilla Vampires Revised (Beta 2)



Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood (1.8.1)


Both mods add new and different content to Oblivion Game and could be played together, however, both of them rely on the completion of the same vanilla quest (MS23-Order of the Virtuous Blood) in order to expand the action trought new quests.

After completing this quest some events will be triggered, but depending of your load order one of the two mods will have its questline structure overwrited by the other, breaking the questline.

This patch rewrites the quest script solving the incompatibility problems and making possible play with both together keeping both questlines.

It also rebalances the faction relations, vampires and vampire hunters will hate each other on sight.

This patch DO NOT modify/rebalanced any vampires. Still any vampire and NPC added by each mod retains its original stats.

(if the authors give their permission, maybe in the future we can rebalance stats and interlink questlines ...)

2. Installation

Extract (decompress) the .esp to your oblivion directory, the default isC:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\

Mark the box next to the "Order of the Virtuous Blood" plugin.

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the esp. to Oblivion\Data\.
Merge the new folder with the old. Often you can simply drop the "Data" file into the "Oblivion" folder Make sure the
files go into the proper directories they were in when you downloaded the mod.

------- Wrye Bash Users -----

Arrange your load order and move Starx-OVB Patch.esp to a place AFTER StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised.esp and Vampire Hunting - Order Of The Virtuous Blood.esp

So yout load order should be something like this.

StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised.esp
Vampire Hunting - Order Of The Virtuous Blood.esp
Starx-OVB Patch.esp
Bashed Patch.esp

The patch is marked as mergeable and could be in any place AFTER starx and vampire hunting mods.

Rebuild your Bashed Pacth and deactivate it.

(Remenber, StarX mod rebuilds the interior of some Cells, so depending what mods you have its load order could be important (it depends on you, (((CHECK THE READMES))))
This patch DO NOT modify any interior Cell (yet).

3. Version History

1.0 version, first release

4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting

It Will conflict with ANY mod that modifies the Vanilla questline MS_23 (If you have any other mods that touches that quest, well, star x vanilla vampires and vampire hunting will conflict with that anyway)

I played Oblivion with 150+ mods, and it was tested without any further problems nor any other conflicts.

HOWEVER: Remenber that both mods add vampires to the same locations, making some of its quests far more difficult and complicated.
I included the readmes of both mods for clarifications purposes, check it for further information.

I am not responsible if the dificulty level is more than you can cope with...

(try Fearsome magicka http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=30973

or explosives http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=32267

or just run for your life, mortal!....)

---------- If you have any Problems Let me know ASAP, (Sometimes it will take some time to reply, but I always do) ---------

5. Recommended mods

To enhance your experience

StarX Vampire deaths improved http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=27421

Vampires Bite http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=27219

Burning sun Damagehttp://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24948

6. Future development

Maybe Rebalance and Interlink both mods? Full scale Vampire War?...

Any comments/suggestions/feedback of any user are most Welcome. Any positive criticism are always very useful and its very Welcome.

((If you are a troublemaker, don´t waste my time and don´t waste yours, I have a life to live and me and the modding comunity are not responsible for your small penis))

7. Licensing, future plans and Credits

All credits belong to the authors of both mods, who were responsible of countless nights of insomnia....

Please, if you like the mods, give a well deseved endorsement to the author`s files for their hard job.

Thank you to all modding comunity, You are THE BEST...

For Vampire Hunting:

Daniel da Rosa for "Kendrel the Vampire Huntress, Pilot Episode -Walking in The Shoes."
David Brasher for "Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood 1_2."
Duke Patrick for wooden stake scripting.
Treaka for play-testing.


For Star X Vanilla Vampires:

StarX (texture work/mesh editing/scripting/questmaking/interior design and building the esp)
Najaknevrec: for the awesome robes and armors created especially for SVVR
Sinblood: for the wonderful outfits for lady vampires and the mindblowing Inquisitor armor and the custom race, as well as offering resources from Vampire Haven
Waalx: for a handpicked selection of his fantastic RealSwords and the Heronmark Sword
Nicoroshi: for his awesome resources like the Dreadweave armor, Wulfharth's Fury, the Talon of Akatosh and the Welkynd Arrows
Scanti: for solving the face morphing on vampires
Grimbot: for the fantastic bookcovers and help to flesh out the backstory of the vampires
Sage Rime: for the fantastic heavy armors for the vampire houses
SpookyFX: for the "throw away ragdoll" script
Axil: for some Exnemized version of the new armors, that used his work as a base
Trollf: for some of his great Armamentarium items that are used and general help on solving problems I encountered
Folex: for his amazing work on Lipsand Tarn, Fort Vlastarus and Bloodcrust CavernJannix Quinn: for his cool potion bottles
Nick_op: for the Syringe Arrow mesh and textures
Pitt: For the closed helmet resource and the FleshGolem from Loreless creature pack
Alienslof: For the black wolf texture from her dog mod
dev_akm: for general advice on certain issues
ICUP: for the stake mesh
Darina: for playtesting the very first version of SVVR and massive support on the SVVR thread
Arkngt: for the playtesting and feedback on the first testversion
Frude: for a whole pack of new icons
Claviticus: for helping me with optimizing the scripts
Haldor (from The Order): for letting me use the skeleton meshes