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This mod combines all my small combat tweaks into one larger mod with a customizable ini file.

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== Phitt's Phighting Phixes v1.01 ==


by Phitt and Tejon

ATTENTION: If you have v1.0 installed you don't need to overwrite your ini. Just overwrite the esp and you're set. No need to readjust everything in case you did, the ini is the same as before.

This mod combines enhanced versions of all my small combat tweaks into one larger mod with an ini file. Mods included are 'Damage Multiplier', 'Actors Care', 'Door Exploit Begone', 'Less Knockback' and 'No Running while using Spells or Bows'. The latter also replaces 'No running backwards' (not made by me) if you have a mod like that loaded. If you have any of these mods you can delete them and use this one instead. You can tweak or disable/enable any part of the mod in the ini file at any time.


As the game progresses, health totals rise faster than combat damage. This leads to long fights. In addition to becoming tedious, high-level fights can feel non-challenging because you have so much time for tactical decisions like healing or escape. The difficulty slider can only solve half the problem at a time, because it treats the player differently from everyone else: turn it down and fights get shorter but even less challenging; turn it up and fights get harder but last even longer.

DamageMultiplier gives a uniform adjustment to damage done both to the player, and caused by the player. It works for all kinds of damage - spells, weapons, creatures, hand to hand damage etc. The difficulty slider still functions as normal.

Note that the damage multiplier is off by default so you will do vanilla damage unless you adjust the ini.

Important information for modders (skip this of you only play). If one of your mods causes damage with a script which you do not want adjusted, you can use the following line without caring whether DamageMultiplier is actually active or even loaded:

RunScriptLine "set ppp.xDMexception to ppp.xDMexception + %f" amount

...where 'amount' is a float representing the amount of damage to be ignored. Each frame, xDMexception is subtracted from the calculated damage to the player and then cleared. Bounds checking is performed, so negative values don't cause extra damage.


After combat begins, the range at which actors can detect the player is increased. This prevents moving just close enough to a group that one enemy engages you while the others scratch their heads then return to conversation.


Allows more actors to follow the player through a loading door in combat, and reduces the time they take to do so, preventing a big group of enemies from splitting up just because of those scary doorknobs.


Oblivion causes actors to skid backwards when struck. For actors with low agility (like zombies or some NPCs for example) this effect is completely overpowered and causes ridiculous visual effects on one hand and makes it too easy to defeat them on the other hand. 'Less Knockback' takes care of that by reducing the effect.


Normally you can run at full speed in any direction. Many find this to be unrealistic, not to mention unbalancing when combined with ranged attacks. With 'Limited Mobility' you can disable running backwards and/or while strafing. Alternately, you can limit yourself to one or two quick steps at a time. There are several other actions which might seem unrealistic or just too good to be performed while running, like drawing and aiming a bow, casting a spell, putting a weapon back into the sheath etc. 'Limited Mobility' gives you full control over limitations for all the various actions in the ini file.

= Installation =

Put the 'Phitt's Phighting Phixes.esp' and the 'ini' folder into your Oblivion\Data folder. Activate the esp in the launcher menu or OBMM (or wherever you activate your esps!).

= Credits =

Tejon for combining all the mods into one and enhancing them (his scripts look like QTP3 for nerds!)
Phitt for the initial mods and the totally awesome ideas
The OBSE team for making Cyrodiil a better place

= Changelog =


- initial release


- fractional per frame damage is now counted in by the Damage Multiplier
- updated readme to explain mod interaction variable


- fixed a small bug where the knockback reduction settings would cause weird behavior if you set them back to vanilla settings

= Compatibility & Bugs =

If you switch between saves with a different damage multiplier applied during a game session the difficulty might be off. So don't do that.