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A re-upload of Hel Borne\'s Spear Set 1.0

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Copied from readme contained in original file.

Hel Borne's Spear Set: Oblivion
A modification for TESIV Oblivion
Version [1.0]

This mod adds eleven new spear/polearm weapons to the game.


None. Inital release.


Fully compatible with all mods. 'Spears of Cyrodiil' by Skycaptain is highly recommended. Common Spears are set as onehand and Black Iron weapons are set as twohand.


Hel Borne - Black Iron meshes and textures
Loth DeBonneville - Common spears meshes and textures


Expand the archive file into your Oblivion\ folder and allow to overwrite folders when prompted. Launch Oblivion and select Data Files. Check the included *.esp and start game.

Game Play:

All items are available in the basement of the Fighter's Guild in Skingrad.


Onehand spears will clip the right leg in idle battle stance. This can not be avoided without changing that animation. Onehand spears will also go to the side weapon bone which is weird but I do not know how to prevent it. Please address any issues on the Bethesda forums http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums.


Original content may be altered or redistributed without permission of the author. Please provide credit where used.