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This adds a chest beside the Chestnut Handy Stables containing a retextured sword. It is enchanted with silence and its values are changed to be lighter and more powerful. THIS IS NOT A GOD WEAPON, it is NOT overpowered

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Clintmichs Dark Longsword of Silence


What this mod does

This mod will add a chest beside the Chestnut Handy Stables in the IC. Inside the chest is a Re-textured enchanted sword with new weight and damage values.



(1) Copy the .esp file into the oblivion/Data directory.

(2) Merge the meshes and texture files included with the new .esp file with Oblivions meshes and texture files located in the Oblivion/Data directory.

(3) Check off the new .esp in either the oblivion data folder when you start your game, or check it off in the oblivion mod manager if you're using that.

(4) Enjoy


Version 1.0