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This Beautifies the Market District making it more visualy appealing. NEW VERSION

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Clintmichs Beautiful Market District MakeOver v1.4

I decided to remake this mod. Because in the prior versions, in my opinion, there seemed to be too much clutter ,and too much flora. And I just wasn't happy with the result. So I have toned it down a bit, and have made the Beautiful Market District alot more attractive by giving it a more realistic, finished, cleaner look.


There is an optional version available if you are using Natural Enviornments.

This mod will add the following features:

* Trees/Shrubs

* Flowers/planters

* Benches

* Some hidden chests with gems


MakeOver Version 1.4 includes

*All previous fixes plus a few more I found

*Replaces some trees with Flower planters

*Re-sizes a few trees that seemed too big

*Removes all flora and hidden Nirnroots from around trees

*Adds a more finished cleaner look around trees

*Removes all Shivering Isles Cjavascript-event-stripped=============================================


1. Uninstall/delete the previous version of Clintmichs Beautiful Market District if you are using it.

2. Copy Clintmichs Beautiful Market District MakeOver esp. into Oblivion/Data directory.

3. Check off the new esp in the Data folder when you start your game. Or Check it off in oblivions mod manager if you use that.

4. Enjoy



This mod DOES NOT require The Shivering Isles expansion

Version 1.4