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Pigpork and KaptainCnucklz

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Fixes a CSR bug with companions refusing to fight when they're supposed to. Standalone version of Pigpork's fix.

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What Does It Fix?

Stripped from Pigpork's original mod, More companions for CSR and bugfix. Standalone version of his Companion Share and Recruit script fix:
... fixes the aggression bug with CSR followers, in which the follower's aggression kept dropping to 0 in the normal companion share and recruit mod, so I have fixed this by simply always setting their aggression to 5.

I only took one creative liberty; I removed an edit to the dialogue telling companions to be passive. Not attacking was seemingly the point of the topic, going by their reply. Other than that it's identical to his original mod's fix.

How to Install & Uninstall?

To install, use a mod manager or extract the archive into the data folder.
To uninstall, deactivate in your mod manager or delete the mod's plugin from your data folder.

Unsure about existing saves. Dismiss all current companions as a precaution.

OK But Why Are Your Section Titles In This Description Purple?

What are you a cop? Why you asking so many things? I like purple. Fuck off.

I didn't know what color to use that fit Oblivion, as most reddish defaults strained or hurt my eyes. So I settled on purple.