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Ayleid Companions for adventures,guarding,or even a killing spree after a rough day at work/school

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Alright,these are the same companions I made before,I put those files down,and redone them all.Not stats and classes,only their faces,now the girls are more beautiful,and guys looks more serious.
I tweaked them as much as I could,and done(I think) almost impossible.To make high elf girls to look pretty decent.Bethesda didn't care fo altmer people much,as you could see it in game.

You can see them all in the screen shots.

They are all high elves,all together.Armored with full enchanted elven armors and armed with enchanted elven weapons as well,all vanilla items.They are nice people as well,personality is set mostly on 100.They have different types of food and wines in their inventory,and heavily enchanted rings and amulets for increasing their skills and such,all vanilla items as well.Because they have style and they are hedonists. :P You can find varla and welkynd stones in their inventory,too,and lockpicks if they are needed. ;)

In other words,they are fully prepared for an emmediate fight,if you need them quickly,no need to change their equipment for some time,or ever,but that it your choice.Because they look badass in elven stuff! :P

Classes I picked are usually barbarians,archers,there are a couple of battlemages,warlocks and some assasins and nightblades ,I think one is a pilgrim,too.

There are 19 of them,exactly.Some of the esp's contains 3 of them,some contains 2 of them,and some are standalone.If you decide to try them all(which is my warm recommendation),you can find them half 8 of them in the Great Chapel Of Talos in Bruma,two of the girls (Sunna and Laurine) are at the Talos Plaza District in Imperial City,and 9 of them are in the Great Chapel Of Arkay in Cheydinhal.They wait for you so they can go and test their equipment on various creatures(and citizens,if you prefer that sort of fun).

What is different in this mod from other companion mods out there,is that I added two older companions.You know,like aged one,old people,veteran warriors. ;) Why?Because I wanted to bring some sort of realism,if I may use that word.There are 17 of young adventurers following you?They need some older mentors and captains to set them straight when you aren't around. ;)

These two are titled with one of the most honored titles back from the First Era.One is Potente and the other is Haromir.Haromir is a religion leader,and a master of magic,and Potentats were great warriors,known for their heroic deeds for their race.

These two guys has ayleid statues in their posession,but these are just models from the test cell,not a quest item,so if you want to do Umbacano's quest,he won't recognize them as the quest items.I added them to add some more 'realism'.They have some more items then the younger ones,such as precious gems,5 or 6 types of it.They are Ayleids,so they must be rich. :DIf you are short on money,you can take them and sell them.I think of all the stuff,so there.They are ready for everything which comes up,and they are gonna fight at your side til the end of time.

Requirements :

CM Partners Mod Basic - Download and install the latest files here:

No OBSE needed since they are not in the mood for a 'spank' and no beauty packs and hair packs needed,because they all have vanilla hairs,and that's how I like it.


You know the drill.Unpack the rar content and place it in your oblivion/data folder.

Start the Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a check mark beside these esp's,CM Partners.esm, and CM Partners.esp.

Run the game and enjoy! ;)


Even though,they look nice with vanilla style now,I warmly recommend>>>

Natural Faces 0.95

You can add,let's say,some nice walk animations,amazing jump would be nice,working eyelashes,etc.If you want them to look even better and fit as well.

I say give it a try!There aren't many mods with altmer people included out there.This mod is for you if you like them!They are good warriors,swift with the blade and blunt in their light armors,and masters of magic craft!What else do you need? ;)


Thanks to Cutthroat Mods - Blackie

Without Blackie's CM Partner Mod,we would be still stuck with mages guild apprentices and dark brotherhoood 'dies after 1 arrow and two dagger hits' followers.Anu's blessings upon Blackie! :D

Tesnexus for hosting this file and showing me an incredible world of mods for this awesome game,the only game I played ever.

Bethesda,of course,for creating the best game of all times,which gave me some choices I haven't had in reality.

Now go,and claim something!Hurt some guards!Take over the White Gold Tower in the name of the old days.And tears.To their original owners... ;)

You can do whatever you want with this mod,just put my name in the credits,somewhere at the bottom.!

Sincerely yours,Mr. Darius Moranda,retired captain of the second ayleid division of Vilverin.I claimed Waterfront once.Now I drink at Olav's. :D