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I wore a uniform once,now I wear a suit,cause I work as a bodyguard,which sucks.Born and raised in Belgrade,Serbia,South-Eastern Europe.Happilly divorced.I like bikes,drinking black tea and reading some interesting books,historical themed,fiction and poetry,mostly russian and serbian.I grew up on pagan fairy tales,slavic mostly,polish,russian,serbian and bulgarian.I studied music(guitar and singing),traveled alot before the war,etc.I am not a gamer nor a modder,but I just love Oblivion,it gives me the space for my own decisions and consequences,which I didn't had in the past.And it's an awesome game,overall.I joined here,by accidant,while reinstalling Oblivion for the third time,and it was awesome to see such art made by fans in one place.One of the dear things to me is to see others creating their own imagination,visualy,in any possible way.Recently,I faced some nice changes at work,so I work now every second day,which gave me some more time for myself,and of course,running through some dungeons,again...

Since I first played through this game,I came upon an idea to write something similar with those old pagan tales,only based on Oblivion itself.So I started it,and developed it into a massive story,with tragedy,horror,thriller and fiction themes,merged all together at the same time.I redone some parts of it a couple of times,and I think I brought it to its very end.It is based on the Ayleids,which made the biggest impact on my mind,during the gameplay.Idk,I caught myself wandering through those halls,without any point of the action,and I felt comfortable.Also,I have read the books about them in game,and it reminded me on my own people,once glorious,now sunken and forgaten.For my people there is no hope,but in the art,everything is possible,so if I couldn't save my people in reality,I could resurrect the Ayleids via pen and paper.So I did it.And I felt great.I even reinstalled Oblivion again,so I could bring something new into this story,once again,and I found some interesting ideas made by people who really knows what they are doing.Curently,trying to find someone,or some group who would like to transform it into a mod,if it is possible.Because I am a mule,when it comes to Construction Set. :)

It is nice to be part of this community.I love it!

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