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A quest-friendly Tutorial skipper. This mod is very easily installed and lets people who don\'t know the controls choose whether to use the tutorial or not. This creates no known problems with the main quest and gives a \"tutorial-similar\" character boost to help you get started.(stats, and money for equipment), Now includes an optional... (cont

Permissions and credits
Allows you to skip the Tutorial if you want to.

If you use this you will still be able to complete the main quest and you will still gain experience and money similar to what is gained through the tutorial. This is completely optional during the game so you don't have to worry about deactivating it if you actually want to go through the tutorial

If you do not want to read the long description below, just check out the video walk through in the "Videos" tab.

This mod adds an ayleid button in the beginning jail cell that will open the gate to the cell, and will allow you to leave the prison and go into the imperial city prison district, it also handles things like birth signs, classes, experience, money, and starting the main quest.

The Optional File allows you to select which city you want to begin in.


-Now you are no longer required to talk to Baurus to choose a class.

-You are no longer required to activate the second button. All of it's features will now be activated once you walk within a certain range of it.

Creator: Tesfallout
Tester: Slygothmog