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All of the varla & welkynd stones inside Ayleid ruins will now respawn every 28 or 14 days, respectively.

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Respawning Varla & Welkynd Stones v1.2

"Storytellers say that the Ayleids imbued their precious stones with the same magical energy fused into the matrices of every structure they built. It is said that should one of the stones be removed, it is only ever temporary; after a time, its energy disperses, only to reconstitute at its place of imbuement. Varla stones find their way home in about the time of a moon cycle; welkynd stones, however, take only half that. Of course, the residual magics of the stones that make them so valuable to mages remain in the physical embodiment of the stone for years."

It always made me sad to loot varla & welkynd stones from Ayleid ruins, because they seemed so at home there! Hence, this mod was born. I have hand-replaced the stones with activators that respawn on a timer after use, but still look just like the original stones. This way the stones themselves haven't been altered, for the sake of compatibility.

When you first load your game with the mod active, all the stones will be there. When you uninstall the mod, any stones you picked up prior to installing the mod will still be gone.

This mod only works on stones in Oblivion's original Ayleid ruins. Stones outside of ruins (such as on mages guild counters, or in NPC homes) were not altered. Stones added by mods (including official DLC mods) are not affected by this mod. You can tell the difference easily by the icon you get when you put your crosshair over a stone. If it's a fist with a line through it, like levers and buttons have, the stone will respawn. If it's a regular hand, like a book or anything else you can pick up has, then it will not respawn.

New this version: Re-cleaned the mod with the newest version of TES4Edit, and wrote a shiny new Readme.

Requires the latest official Oblivion patch (

Mod Installation Guide
Mod Troubleshooting Guide

You may re-use any of this mod's content in your own Oblivion mods, as long as you don't charge money for it, and you credit me for my work.

You may share this mod freely, as long as you don't charge money for it, and you include my original Readme.

Please enjoy. =)