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Morrowind style potion bottle textures. Similar to \"Better Potion Bottles\" (which is included in OOO afaik), but with different, more Morrowindesque textures.

Permissions and credits
Fearabbit's Potion Replacer v1.0

by Fearabbit
Textures by connary


Replaces the usual potion vial with several different ones (same mesh, but new textures) and adds corresponding icons. The textures are made by connary for Morrowind, and therefore look very Morrowindesque. The unused Oblivion blood vial and magicka vial are now used for Health and Magicka potions respectively.
As an optional feature, the plugin file renames some of the potions to bring back some of Morrowind's nomenclature. The cheapest potions are called "Bargain", the second cheapest "Cheap", and the most expensive ones are named "Exclusive". I made that mostly for myself, but if anyone wants that, well there you go.

About the choice of meshes (in case you're interested):
As a general rule of thumb, all weak potions were given the standard potion vial, which looks a little rusty; all medium and strong versions of a potion were given the vial that corresponds to their effect (i.e. Restoration potions were given the vial with blue glass); weak and normal poisons were given the standard poison vial, while the strong poisons were given the destruction vial, which looks a bit classier.
There are exceptions to this rule, however. Especially when I thought that a certain vial didn't get used enough, I gave it to potions/poisons that usually would get a different vial, but that still fit the vial in question. Example: Normally, the Silence poisons would get the poison vial; however, the Illusion vial is not used very often, so I used it for those as well.
I'm afraid the Conjuration vial is not used at all safe for one potion (which I called "Telvanni Bug Musk" in my plugin file) - there simply aren't any conjuration potions, and since it has a special look I didn't want to overuse it anyway.


You can use the Bash installer, or simply extract all files to Oblivion/Data and click "Yes to overwrite" if asked.
Now, you can choose how much you want from this mod:

1. All of it (new textures/icons, the way of distributing these AND new names for some potions):
In this case either activate the FrbitPotionReplacer.esp and put it near the end of your load order, or merge the whole plugin with the Bashed Patch.
Note that this choice will probably do something that will conflict with OOO's settings for potions, for example, because they'll get reverted to vanilla Oblivion's stats. This is really only an option for nostalgic Morrowind enthusiasts. :)

2. Only the new textures/icons and the way of distributing these, but NOT the new names:
In this case, DON'T activate the plugin and DON'T merge it into the Bashed Patch, but import its graphics in the Bashed Patch instead.

3. Only the new textures/icons, but neither the distribution of these nor the new names:
If you're using OOO or "Better Potion Bottles", then you already use a mod that implements the new meshes into the game (since mine are named the same way). Now if you like their distribution system better than mine, then DON'T activate the FrbitPotionReplacer.esp.
("Their distribution system" will mostly differ in that the weak potions use the potion vial based on their magic effect, instead of the generic rusty vial, and that the poisons will ALL use the same mesh.)

Compatibility and further notes:

If you only import the graphics into the Bashed Patch, this will definitely be compatible with everything except potion replacers.
Beer bottles, Cyrodiilic Brandy and Wine have NOT been edited, so you still need replacers for these (because they obviously are in desperate need of them!). The Skooma vial hasn't been touched, so either you have a mod that changes this one, or it will use the generic tin vial. The icon, however, is that of the Mysticism vial, which is closer to Morrowind's Skooma vial.


- normal maps, texture edits, new icons and CS work: Fearabbit
- original textures: connary

If you have any problems with this mod, contact me on the official forums (user name is Fearabbit) or write a comment at TESNexus... or find some other way to do it :>