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You shoot stuff with them, then they turn into light sources. These ones will stick into objects, and can be bounced off walls.

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This mod adds arrows that act as torches. It differs from other torch arrow mods, however, in that the light source it creates behaves like an arrow instead of just spawning a torch when it hits something. This means that you can bounce them off walls or stick them into things.

Copy into Oblivion directory, then check the esp.
If updating from a non-OBSE version, make sure there are no active torch arrows, then save, deactivate the mod, and save again before activating the updated version.
When you start the game, a misc item will be added to your inventory. When you use it, it will convert 3 iron arrows and 1 torch into 3 fiery arrows, which turn into light sources. Everything can be customized as shown below:

There are several variables you can change to customize the way the mod works. Just open the console and type in one of the following:

set faquest.resetarrowmaker to 0
If you lose your arrow maker or end up with duplicates, this will fix that.

set faquest.lightpower to X
Changes the light radius of the arrows to X. Default is 400.

set faquest.burntimebase to X
Changes the base duration, in seconds, to X. Default is 120.

set faquest.burntimevar to X
Changes the variance of the duration to X%. Default is 25. Anything between 0 and 99 works.
Example: burntimebase is set to 120, so a 25% variance means torch arrows will last between 90 and 150 seconds.

set faquest.arrowtimeout to X
Changes the length of time a fiery arrow can bounce around before becoming a light source to X seconds. Default is 7. It can be anything greater than 0, including decimals. This is limited to increments of one tenth; anything smaller will effectively be rounded up.

set faquest.torchreq to X
Changes the number of torches needed to create one batch of fiery arrows to X. Default is 1. Anything 0 or greater works.

set faquest.arrowreq to X
Changes the number of iron arrows needed to create one batch of fiery arrows to X. Default is 3. As with the torches, anything 0 or greater works. Setting both to 0 will make it just dispense free fiery arrows, if that's what you want.

set faquest.arrowoutput to X
Changes the number of fiery arrows created in one batch to X. Default is 3. Must be at least 1, obviously.

1.2 - So yeah the quest script was running 100 times as often as it needed to; I fixed that. Added more customization options and changed how it adds the creator so it's not hammering you with a bunch of getitemcount checks 100 times a minute. Also, the arrow creator no longer has a missing mesh if you drop it. You will need to reapply your custom settings. Non-Obse version is removed.
1.1 - Reworked arrow disposal and added customization options to the OBSE version. Non-OBSE version is unchanged.
1.0 - Initial Release

Based on trav2's fiery arrows, found here: