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----------------------------------------- Castle Arpenia, by Themage, Core Version 1.2 ------------------------------------

- This mod adds a large, buyable castle. The mod comes in different versions, with different locations (see versions, below).
- Talk to the Cyrodiil Construction Project Agent to buy it. His location varies, depending on the version of the mod you
are using.
- The current package does not contain the Mountain Top version that previously existed in version 1.0. It shall be later
redesigned as using the version 1.1 Modder's resource and added to the current package.


- Large, highly decorated courtyard;
- An imposing Great Hall with fireplaces, braziers, spellmaking and enchanting altars;
- Two Guard Houses;
- Two Guest Houses;
- Lord's Private Quarters;
- Additional Private Quarters located next to the Lord's Manor;
- Library Located next to the Lord's Manor;
- A large Undergorund Staircase;
- An Underground Passage connecting all buildings in the courtyard to the main keep, except for the Guest Houses (which are
connected directly to the Great Hall);
- Servants' Quarters;
- Storerooms;
- Castle Baths;
- Secret Vault - to gain access locate the secret door in the lord's bathroom in the Castle Baths (located at the end of the
corridor, on your right);
- Castle Dungeon;
- Castle Crypt;
- 12 Towers, each with its own armory, containing respawnable containers with powerful weapons and armor;
- 2 Clock Towers;
- 12 Guards who can aid you at your request;
- 1 Hunter, patrolling in the wilderness around the castle.
- 8 Servants (traders selling their goods in the Great Hall, 1 alchemist, 1 priest and one stable keeper);
- A smith, located in the Smithy;
- Own sewer system;
- The containers in the vault are set to non-respawnable, so it is safe to store objects inside them. DO NOT store objects
in any other container inside the castle.


- The castle comes in the following versions, with differnt locations:
- Castle Arpenia - Colovian Highlands - The Castle is located to the north-west of Chorrol, in the Colovian
- You will find the Cyrodiil Construction Projects Agent at the Oak and Crosier
- Castle Arpenia - Gold Coast - The Castle is located on the south-western corner of the Gold Cost, west of the Anvil
Oblivion Gate.
- You will find the Cyrodiil Construction Projects Agent at the Count's Arms in Anvil.

- Castle Arpenia - Niben Bay - The Castle is located in the Niben Bay, East of Bravil.
- You will find the Cyrodiil Construction Projects Agent at the Tiber Septim Hotel, in the
Imperial City.

- Modder's Resource - This directory contains differnt stages of the castle during development, which can be used in
other plugins as well as making other versions of the mod.


- The clocks and the dials that show the date may sometimes give you the wrong time, despite using the same scripts. I don't
know yet how to fix this.
- Due to some problems with distant rendering on "Castle Arpenia - Gold Coast" and "Castle Arpenia - Colovian Highlands",
the tamriel.cmp file has been copied in the DistantLOD folder. If any other mod you use has a tamriel.cmp of its own,
overwritting this file will NOT affect the functionality of this castle itself, only distant rendering may suffer.
None of the Modder's Resource File should cause conflicts, as they do not modify any region, the Castle has been created
in a seperate cell, to allow portability.
- The NPCs from the Guest Houses and Library do not seem to respond to the AI package that tells them to wander around the
areas, standing still in the same place, unless they go to sleep or eat.


- It is recommended to save game before, in a city to make sure you will not be in the location that will be modified.
- Unpack the whole mod in a seperate folder.
- Choose which version you want to use.
- Copy all the contents of the desired version in the Oblivion\Data folder.
- Run the Oblivion Starter, from Data check the mod and then play.


- Run the Oblivion Starter, from Data uncheck the mod.
- Delete the files in DistantLOD that correspond to the mod (see the folder in the package to see which files must be
deleted), otherwise the game will show a castel, even though it no longer exists.
- Optionally, you can delete the meshes, sounds and textures corresponding to this mod.


- Version 1.1 - Added the Library and the Private Quarters, both located adjacent to the Lord's Manor, as a result, the
Keep's upper level has been expanded.
- Due to the changes that occured on the upper terrace in order to provide space for the new library and
private quarters, a large number of objects have been relocated or removed.
- The Underground Passage has been extended so that it now connects the Smithy and the Chapel as well.
- The Entrance Door inside the Great Hall has been changed, no longer using the stair version so that the
exterior matches the interior of the castle.
- Fixed a number of errors regarding the courtyard pavement, which was incomplete in some areas in the vicinty
of one of the walls, resulting in a gap between the wall and the pavement.
- Jerall Mountains (East) version has been removed; in its place a new Gold Coast version has been added.
- "Castle Arpenia - Colovian Highlands" location version has been added.
- Due to the large number or changes that affected the exterior of the castle, Niben Bay
version has been redesigned.

- Version 1.2 - Added a new sewer system, accessible from the underground Vault.
- The corridor from the Vault has been lengthened to realistically match the newly added sewer system.
- The underground levels of the castle have had their layout changed, to reduce the number of levels required
to go underground. As a result, walking distance torwards the levels located the deepest has been reduced by
about 75%.
- As a result of this change, the following cells have had their entrance doors relocated or layout changed:
Underground Passage, Servants' Quarters, Storerooms, Baths, Crypt and Dungeon.
- The Main Staircase has been completely redesigned, featuring the meshes from Castle Seaview (see credits).
- A new corridor has been added to provide access to the Lord's Manor, Private Quarters, Library and the
two adjacent towers.
- 3 new NPCs have been added in the Library and Guest Houses, who also provide various small services.


- I wish to thank Bethesda for creating this game, as well as providing the Construction Set Software without which it
wouldn't have been possible to create this mod. Also I wish to adress my thanks to the creators of the other mods from
which parts have been used in designing the castle. Readmes from the respective addons have been added in a special
directory, "Used Plugins in Castle Arpenia".

- Parts or ideas from the following plugins have been used in the making of this mod:
- 2 Fireplaces, by Phoenix
- Bathing Mod, by Antistar (Joseph Lollback)
- Castle Almgard, by Mr Siika & Centurion
- Castle Highrock, by Centurion
- Castle Seaview, by Mr Siika, Centurion & Rung
- Clocks of Cyrodiil, by WillieSea
- Working Gates, by Wormheart
- Sofa and Chair Set 1, by Xiamara

- If you wish to use any part of this mod into you plugins, feel free to do so, but copying of this readme is appreciated.
- I hope you enjoy this castle!