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Many years ago, Kragenir's tower had been sealed by the Knights of the Silver Nose, but as they die, the seals weaken...
Can you find the keys required to break the seals so you can face Kragenir inside the tower before he escapes? Or... Are you going to help him?

A Cyrodiil filled with quests awaits you!

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Many years ago, Kragenir's tower had been sealed by the Knights of the Silver Nose, but as they die, the seals weaken... Can you find the keys required to break the seals so you can face Kragenir inside the tower before he escapes? Or... Are you going to help him?

With over 100 new quests, 15+ new books and over 3000 lines of dialogue this mod will hopefully keep you entertained for many hours! Aside from a main quest series KDQ offers tons of new miscellaneous quests in Cyrodiil's original cities, villages and locations. Many generic vanilla NPCs and dungeons will now be a lot more interesting. 

Special thanks go to WalkerInShadows for providing updates to the mod, for which I thank him very much! I (Povuholo) am still retired from modding.


KDQ intends to make Cyrodiil a more interesting place. It does this by adding lots of new quests, dialogue, and some books.

These are the issues we found in the original game that we meant to fix with our mod:

  • Too much handholding in quests: The quests introduced in the mod will make the player think and don't rely on constant quest markers. To compensate for this a detailed walkthrough is available. 

  • Generic vanilla characters: Many NPCs, especially those in villages, had almost no any unique dialogue or personality. With this mod they will be involved in new quests, and their background can be fleshed out further with the optional Rural Dialogue Additions plugin.  

  • Generic vanilla dungeons: There are many dungeons in Oblivion, but the ones that are not involved in quests all feel the same. This mod uses a lot of these dungeons in quests, and some have had unique treasures added to them. 

KDQ consists of three elements: 

1. Kragenir's Death Quest: The Main Quest

Kragenir's Death Quest is a very lengthy series of quests with a humorous tone. You'll find fairy tale (and other) real life references in the Main Quest,
but always with an Elder Scrolls twist. For example, early on you'll be doing quests for Snow White and the seven Wood Elves. If that's not your cup of tea we offer the option to refuse the main quest right from the start.

The first quests are intentionally simple to ease new players into the game, experienced players may find them rather basic. However we felt it was best to let new players in gently. From quest 5 onwards the quests grow increasingly complex, challenging and in our opinion intriguing. 

To start the main quest, simply sleep in a bed.

2. Miscellaneous Quests

Independent from the mod's main quest, a lot of new quests were added across the whole world in vanilla locations. The amount of miscellaneous content equals the mod's main quest, if not more. This is how we organised it:

Imperial City: One new quest for each district, except for the Palace, Prison and Arcane University districts.

Seven Cities quests: At least 3 new quests for each major city.

The Documents Quest: New diaries, notes and other documents were added to various locations that point to special treasures.

We have thrown in quite a few total surprises as well.

A few quest examples: 

  • There's a rumor in the game that Dro'shanji in Bravil has been hearing noises, but when the player would talk to Dro'shanji he had nothing to say about it. Now there's a quest to help him. 

  • There's the skooma dealing Orum gang in Cheydinhal which didn't have any quests attached to them... Until now. 

  • S'drassa, a member of the Leyawiin Mages Guild, is rumored to be working on a cure for Skooma addiction. Why not help him a hand?

  • Jhared Strongblade, youngest member of the Knights of the Knights of the Thorn, is usually left behind while the other Knights go out to do good. He'd probably love to go dungeon diving with someone a few times.

  • Thamriel, touched by the gods, made an alarming prophecy concerning the return of a powerful vampire to Cyrodiil.

  • The Cheydinhal Countess Llathasa Indarys died when she fell from the stairs in the castle. Rumor has it that this was not an accident though, and someone intends to find out the truth.

3. Books & Dialogue

Aside from the books, letters and dialogue added for quest purposes, the mod also features the following:

  • 15 unique 'full size' books. These can be bought in the different book stores of Cyrodiil, or found in some houses.

  • 100 new rumours added to NPC's for more rumour variety. These are not voiced (but they are lipsynced). There's an option to disable them should you want to.

  • Optional Rural Line Additions plugin: A lot of npc's who don't have anything else to say than the regular rumors topic will get 3 new topics with unique (non-voiced) responses: <Say something about the village/settlement/location>, <Say something about their own background>, and <local rumors>. This plugin could be compared to the Less Generic NPC's project from morrowind, but on a smaller scale.

(In)compatibility with other mods

There are Unique Landscapes compatibility patches on their Nexus page.

Servant of the Dawn is incompatible. Early on in that mod the village of Blankenmarch is destroyed,
which will break KDQ's main quest if you haven't advanced to a certain point yet. There's also another serious conflict in Shadows Rest Cavern.

Knights of the White Stallion and Feudal Empire 300 are incompatible. There used to be a compatibility patch for this in the download, but it didn't work for many people. If it did work for you before, you can still get it from the 2.03 download and earlier versions from Nexus.

Challenging Thievery has a small conflict with the 'Clerical Dalliance' quest (Chorrol miscellaneous quest). For some reason Challenging Thievery deletes the vanilla NPC Ariela Doran, which is used during this quest, making it impossible for the player to finish it.

Heart of the Dead has been confirmed compatible, and there shouldn't be conflicts with Integration: The Stranded Light either.

Open Cities and Better Cities are already made compatible without patches.

There's a small conflict with Ruins of Miscarcand; one of the Seven Sleepers is buried under the ground near Ra'Sava Camp, so you'll need to use TCL to reach it. Its placement, unfortunately, makes a simple land edit unfeasible.

About compatibility with overhaul mods:

There are no technical incompatibilities with OOO or FCOM or any such mods with KDQ. The mods do not conflict if you use them at the same time. In fact I'm using OOO+MMM and some other big mods along with KDQ right now.

Still, there are some things that may be seen as an issue, which goes for all overhauls that deal with level scaling. KDQ uses a lot of vanilla dungeons in its quests, which means that quests that were supposed to be for low level characters could send the player to dungeons containing level 20 NPCs added by OOO or something like that. So there are no technical issues, but that's something to keep in mind.


More info in the readme.