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Converts Oblivion\'s weightless gold into weighted Septims, that can be dropped, and moved between the player\'s inventory and containers.

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DB's Weighted Gold Plus (DBWGP) v1.17 by DerekBaker

Converts Oblivion's weightless gold into weighted Septims, that can be dropped, and moved between the player's inventory and containers.


Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v0020 or later
Pluggy v125 or later



Oblivion's weightless gold was an annoyance to me. Tried a couple of gold mods, but found them buggy. Decided to produce my own.

CHANGES (from v1.16)

Now fully compatible with Enhanced Economy.


Gold is renamed to Septims which are weighted. They appear in the player's inventory and as with other inventory items can be dropped (including by dragging) and transferred to and from containers. They can not be sold. Septims outside of the player's inventory are the original gold renamed - an idea I took from Gold is an inventory item - which ensures the mod is removal safe. When a container is open, Septims will replace gold, so that the normal behaviour of inventory objects is seen - that is, a quantity selection dialogue box is shown. If you want the option of the original behaviour of taking all, I recommend TQP

When coins are dropped they are divided into stacks limited to MaxStack - the absolute maximum value of MaxStack is set by the game itself: 32767. The default weight is 0.0033 (approximately 300 to the weight unit), this is much lower than the weight of real gold coins, however using a more realistic figure would make it very difficult to carry sufficient coins to buy some of the game's most expensive items.


Put DBWGP.esp in your Oblivion\Data folder.
Default Path -XP:C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data
Vista:C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data

Put DBWGP.ini in Pluggy\User Files. If you use OBMM or WryeBash, they will not put the ini in the correct place - you must do so manually. If no ini is found, one with default settings will be created automatically.
Default Path -XP:C:\Documents and Settings\[yourname]\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Pluggy\User Files
VistaC:\Users\[yourname]\Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Pluggy\User Files

Activate DBWGP.esp in your chosen app.

If you use a Bashed Patch, rebuild it. Mod is pre-tagged.


If using Enhanced Economy.esp, install DBWGP.esp after it. DBWGP is supported by BOSS


No special measures required.


There are four settings in DBWGP.ini. Weight is a floating point value (default .0033). If set to equal to or less then 0, it will be set to default. If set to less than 0.01 the value will show as 0 in a container, though it will display correctly in the inventory - this issue is out of my control. MaxStack is an integer (default 1000). Acceptable values are 1 to 32767; values outside this range will be set to default. The number of stacks dropped will have a significant effect on performance; if you find the game too stuttery when dropping, raise this number. If SpamConsole (default 0) is set to 1, debug info will be printed to the console. ShowInitMessage (default 0) is an integer: if set to 1, it will display a message in the upper-right corner of the screen when the mod initializes.


None at this time. If you know better, let me know.

Mod was cleaned with Tes4Edit so no need to do so again.


Is compatible with Inventory is a backpack, provided version 0.64 or later of that mod is used. Big thanks to kuertee for the compatibility.

Compatibility is no longer provided for Gold Adjustment: the mod's author recommends upgrading to his Enhanced Economy.

One user has reported problems with Bag of Holding that I have been unable to replicate. If anyone else has used DBWGP with BoH, and has or hasn't had any issues, please let me know.

Does the same thing as other gold mods - e.g Reneer's Gold Mod, Gold is an inventory item - use one at a time.


v1.16Fixed putting Septims in an offlimits container could give more when taken out.
Fixed activating, but not opening a locked container would cause money in it to disappear if mod uninstalled.
Fixed Septims could appear for sale at vendors.
Fixed could reverse pickpocket Septims.
Fixed pickpocketed Septims would appear stolen.
Fixed player's money would appear to vanish if pickpocketing attempted on a target who had caught you previously.
Fixed prevented scripts on containers and corpses running on activation.
Improved compatibility with Enhanced Economy.
Removed compatibility for Gold Adjustment.
Removed need for special removal measures for Bag of Holding.

v1.14Fixed default-created ini values not correct.
Fixed Bash Tags were not pre-applied as was previously stated in this document.

v1.13Fixed sometimes a single coin would appear in a container, even though all had been removed from it.

v1.12Added option to display (some) debug info.
Noted necessity of .64 of kuertee's Inventory is a Backpack, if used with this mod.

v1.11Fixed an issue where mod would not reinitialize if a new game started if gamemode have previously been entered that session.
Added a Bash Tag.

v1.10 Septims removed from a container will behave as other inventory objects do.
Option provided for compatibility with Gold Adjustment.

v1.00Initial Release.


All those on the official forums who helped with issues I had during development. The creators of OBSE, Pluggy and Tes4Edit. The creator and masterlist updaters of BOSS. The creator of Gold is an inventory item.


No warranty. Do what you like with it, but make sure that you credit me.