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A whimsical, story-driven player home for the star-lover with a short adventure quest and tons of features. Welcome to Stars Rest.

Permissions and credits
Star's Rest v3.03

Here you'll find a little whimsy and a lot of charm. This two-bedroom, retreat-style house is modest in size, but extremely refined on the inside. Custom, story-based decor makes this abode truly unique. There is a short adventure quest to earn the house; after loading your game for the first time with the plugin activated, a journal update will appear to get you started.

Interactive Maps
This optional feature provides some fun teleport features for the player.

Custom Clutter
A retextured set of Meo's Ayleid Clutter 2.0 is included in this mod. Not only does it decorate the house, but there is a respawning chest (labeled Pale Welkynd Finery) in the basement so you can have as much as you like for in-game decorating.

A small, cozy bathroom with an optional copper tub and water heater can be found upstairs. Activate the water heater to heat/stop heating the bathwater. The bathtub itself is optional, so those using Bathing Mod can place their own tub in its place.

Alchemy Lab
Cobl users will find the static apparati, ingredient storage shelves, and Grinder they are used to.
An optional spellmaking & enchanting altar is included for all users (see Toggle Options, below).
Non-Cobl users will still have an automated ingredient storage shelf, and may bypass the menu for it by holding down the left SHIFT key when activating it.

Same-Cell Basement
The basement is in the same cell as the house, which means you will experience no load times when going back and forth between the house and basement. It also means your companions will treat the basement as part of the house, which I find to be a much more natural behavior.

Safe Storage
Plenty of safe storage has been added throughout the house, particularly in the basement. You'll also find a mannequin base, a display case, and several weapon racks to show off your favorite acquisitions. Please note that the Pale Welkynd Finery chest respawns, and should not be used for storage. You'll get a reminder of this the first time you open it. Likewise, the wastebasket in the dining room (which also has a reminder) and the Cobl grinder empty themselves regularly, and should not be used for storage. All other containers inside the house & basement are safe for storage.

Teleport Spell
A teleport spell is available that sends you (and your active companions, and your horse) home, if you wish. Please use common sense in choosing when to use it. If you are unsure, it is better to wait, or use standard fast-travel.

Cobl features, if you use the Cobl version:
  • Dinner plate
  • Water source
  • Cobl standard ingredient storage
  • Cobl standard alchemy lab
  • Grinder

This is not a comprehensive list of all features - some you will have to discover for yourself.

At some point, you'll be glad I told you that your activate key (spacebar by default) will get you back on the ground.


When activated, the control panel in the basement opens a menu so you can customize some features to your liking. Here are some details on each option:

Toggle Ayleid Well: Enables or disabled the Ayleid Well in the front yard.

Toggle Bathtub: Enables or disables the bathtub upstairs. This is so if you are using Bathing Mod, you can disable my tub and use one from that mod instead if you wish. (Enabled by default)

Toggle Anvil Functionality: Enables or disables the interactive anvil in the basement, in case you find the feature too powerful for your character. If you disable it, it will be replaced with a static anvil that is for decoration only. (Enabled by default)

Toggle Altar Functionality: Enables or disables the spellmaking & enchanting altar in the alchemy lab, in case you find the feature too powerful for your character. If you disable it, it will be replaced with a static altar that is for decoration only. (Disabled by default)

Toggle Dining Table Clutter: Enables or disables the clutter on the dining room table, in case you want to decorate it yourself. If you are using the Cobl version, the dinner plate is moved atop the taller cupboard nearby when the clutter is disabled. (Enabled by default)

Toggle Starry Nights: As of version 3.0, you can see the sky through the windows. If you don't care for this effect, you may toggle it off here.
Using the included All Natural patch changes how this option works. Since All Natural already handles seeing the sky through the windows, the patch disables Star's Rest's day/night effects, except for some extra stars at night that display no matter the weather. You can use this option, Toggle Starry Nights, to disable or enable these extra stars.

Books Controls: There are many book piles around the house. They can be just for decoration, or work as containers, up to you (containers by default).

Map Controls: Choose how you want the interactive maps to function. From here you can toggle Open Cities compatibility, make the maps for decoration only, or remove them from the table entirely.

Support for All Natural, Cobl, and See You Sleep are included in the main download.

All meshes have been pyffi'd for best performance, all resources have unique file paths, and all plugins have been cleaned with TES4Edit for best compatibility.

New this version:
  • OCD-level edits to the anvil in the basement.

Requires the latest official Oblivion patch (
Requires OBSE v0017b or higher.

Mod Installation Guide
Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Thanks to/for (in no particular order):

  • The AWLS Team for the original house exterior mesh, smoke & lit window textures, & the IllumAnimation Tool
  • Brumbek & the All Natural team for the original house interior mesh, and permission to use their resources for All Natural support
  • Meo & Myrilath for the Ayleid Clutter & Mannequin
  • Antistar for the bathtub
  • Phoenix Amon for the original "The Firmaments" book cover & the original Ingredient Shelves mesh & script
  • Vincent VanGogh for the images used in the original book
  • Base Map of Cyrodiil from http://www.imperial-library.info/maps/maps_tamriel.shtml
  • Trollf for the free-standing lanterns
  • Edoc'sil for the original fireplace screen & poker
  • lutur for the firewood pile
  • WildKarrde for the potbelly stove
  • Xiamara & Zimnel for the sofa, chair, pillows, wine rack, and mirror
  • Texian for the water statics
  • Loth for the staff rack
  • Helborne for the weapon racks
  • Qarl for half a dozen random textures
  • Vince Bly for the HMTK & the iron pot & ladle from Mountain Shack
  • Garak for the book sets
  • Garnet for the book piles & firewood holder
  • Oblivionmonk for the folded towels
  • jbvw for the original trinket box from All New House
  • The Unofficial TESA Clutterers Guild for the spyglass, abacus, & crystal ball
  • Greenwarden & Elm for constant inspiration, support, & delightful company

You may re-use any of this mod's content in your own Oblivion mods, as long as you don't charge money for it, you credit me for my work, and you credit anyone I credited for their work.

You may share this mod freely, as long as you don't charge money for it, and you include my original Readme.

Please enjoy. =)